Environmental, Social, and Governance



Natural Resources:  As a software vendor, JAGGAER by default makes minimal use of “raw materials” in the production of its products and services aside from the engagement of its employees to develop and implement its core solutions.  However, Jaggaer regularly evaluates opportunities to reduce its environmental impact of its facilities, computer hardware and cloud infrastructure hosting services among others areas of the business.

Pollution, Waste & Carbon Footprint:  Given the asset-light nature of our production process, the JAGGAER encourages its employees to minimize travel, employ virtual meeting tools and monitor such services provided by our key vendors

Supply Chain Impact:  JAGGAER has a very limited supply chain consisting predominantly of human capital and hosting/infrastructure providers.

  • Our team members are critical to the ongoing success of JAGGAER and as such we regularly review opportunities for retention, education, training, work/life balance and review the socio-political impact of countries where JAGGAER team members are based.
  • We maintain redundancy within our hosting and infrastructure and wherever possible use third-party cloud-based hosting infrastructure service providers to take advantage of their ESG programs and reduce operational risk.
  • Our team members and our hosting infrastructure vendors are spread across selected locations in several different geographies which diversifies our business input risks.


Environmental Opportunities:  JAGGAER operates a ‘Cloud First’ initiative for Enterprise systems consolidating of the use of many cloud platforms dispersed over many locations into common cloud SaaS offerings and a selected / fewer number of vendors and locations for our customer applications allowing Jaggaer to reduce dependency on less scalable data centers and on-premise hardware systems.

a. The combination of using public cloud hosting and virtualization of our co-located environments for our customer-facing application infrastructure allows for much better utilization of hardware for both primary and standby instances. Virtualization allows us to consolidate and manage system utilization much more granularly and this leads to savings in both material and power. The elastic nature of the public cloud hosting environments allows us to expand as needed, and only when needed, thus reducing overall material and power consumption requirements.


Human Rights:  Given human capital as the primary input into the production of our solution, the JAGGAER HR team is very involved in understanding and promoting employee engagement and job satisfaction including thoughtful consideration for work/life balance and career development.

  • JAGGAER provides many programs for employee satisfaction including learning weeks with topics ranging from financial planning, product boot camps, nutrition, and fitness.
  • JAGGAER has a ‘Rockstar’ program whereby employees can nominate their peers for exceptional performance recognition.
  • We have a strong career progression plan and work with employees on career paths.
  • JAGGAER offers an annual wellness reimbursement for each employee, as well as an Employee Assistance Program (EAP).
  • We offer continuing education reimbursement for college and post-graduate study and encourage communication, transparency and feedback including annual performance reviews.
  • New employees have 90 touchpoints on job satisfaction and recommendations for improvements to our culture, policies, and work environment.  Employees that elect to leave JAGGAER participate in extensive Exit Interviews.  All input is shared with management and used to inform HR initiatives and priorities.


JAGGAER invests globally in diversity efforts including recruitment, training and promotion by the following:

  • JAGGAER launched the Human Equity Project with a focus on addressing racial inequality, human rights, and underserved communities globally. These areas are represented by the Human Equity Project Steering Committee comprised of a combination of Jaggaer executives and non-management employees, as well as by three sub-committees: (1) Hiring/Promotion/Recruiting Committee; (2) Diversity/Equity Committee; and (3) Philanthropy/Volunteerism Committee. The four areas each have a committee of interested and committed employees and an executive sponsor.  Each area has actionable, measurable goals for improvement year over year.
  • Global training programs on cultural sensitivity and bias.
  • Recruiting tools to post our positions to websites that promote diversity recruitment.
  • As part of our recruiting process, JAGGAER works to improve diversity including partnering and development of outreach programs with local colleges and universities (both in the corporate offices and globally). The global teams have partnered with local universities and have intern programs.
  • We also comply with Affirmative Action in the US, and collect and analyze data on hiring, promotions, and terminations.


Community: JAGGAER created the Human Equity Project in 2020.  As a part of the program, each employee globally is given two days of work time to use for volunteering in their local communities to support underserved areas.  We also have a committee as a part of the human equity project that is led by employee volunteers from across business teams.  They work to identify and provide employees with opportunities to serve the communities in which they work and live. The Committee also manages The Charitable Giving Fund, which was created in 2011 to support causes important to JAGGAER and its employees. Since creation JAGGAER has contributed ~ $300K to both national and local non-profit organizations through donations and grants.

Product Responsibility:  JAGGAER’s approach to protecting customer data privacy is described in the JAGGAER Trust Center, at https://www.jaggaer.com/trust-center/.


Management:  JAGGAER has appointed its General Counsel and his/her designees as accountable individuals in building the JAGGAER ESG program. During the implementation of the program, metrics will be defined against best practice frameworks. JAGGAER has a conflict of interest policy, a code of conduct setting out the JAGGAER’s requirements and process to report and deal with non-compliance, and a Whistleblower policy under implementation.  JAGGAER ensures segregation of duties, monitors financial transactions and provides training to employees and the board, and has recently updated its core policies.

Business Ethics: JAGGAER maintains a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics and Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Policy that all employees are subject to.

Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy:  While JAGGAER has many ESG initiatives it is currently actively engaged in a project with its owner and its ESG consulting provider to establish a comprehensive ESG program, which is a requirement of all Cinven portfolio companies.