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    Supply Chain Collaboration and Optimization

    JAGGAER software improves supplier collaboration for optimized performance in logistics, quality control, sustainability, and resilience – and gives you the real-time tools to enable supply continuity in times of disruption.

    Consolidate information sharing, streamline shipment tracking, collaborate with 3PLs, and efficiently address quality issues - all in one place.

    • Enhance your existing systems by seamlessly integrating JAGGAER across multi-ERP environments and create a unified process for all regions, business units, and suppliers.
    • Modernize your processes with digital ERP solutions to ensure consolidated data for improved supply chain visibility and sustainability.
    • Minimize the risk of data errors and leverage the benefits of supplier collaboration by capturing communications with suppliers from outside your ERP and create a single source of truth.

    We do not limit collaboration with suppliers to data exchange or sourcing-related logistics, but rather searches for new ways to increase the value of all collaboration partners.

    Lothar Farber, Vice President, Procurement, Carl Zeiss AG

    JAGGAER One Supplier Collaboration

    Our all-in-one platform improves collaboration for cross-functional teams and reduces costs in real-time. Unlock the benefits of enabling open communication in a collaborative, trust-based, environment that improves quality.

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    Supply Chain Collaboration

    Enhance operational efficiency and mitigate risks by modernizing your collaboration with direct material suppliers. Our fully digital supply chain management solution brings you into a world of frictionless commerce.

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    Quality Management

    The JAGGAER ONE platform fosters a quality-centric approach across your entire supplier base. Our digital supplier collaboration solution simplifies quality management processes to ensure a robust, efficient, trusted supply chain.

    Our integrated suite of solutions provides comprehensive
    supply chain visibility.

    • Digitalization of complex direct material operations
    • Streamlined and optimized Supply Chain processes
    • Enhanced buyer and supplier collaboration
    • Easy integration with third-party service providers
    • Seamless integration with ERPs
    • Quality emphasized across your supplier ecosystem
    • Purpose-built processes for Quality Management
    • Reduced risk of rejections
    • Predictable quality improvements

    Maturity Assessment

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