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    Spend Management Solutions Your Way

    JAGGAER software gives your team the tools you to control costs and grow revenue. Our AI-powered spend analysis solution turns data into actionable insight for value-adding impact across all spend categories.

    Gain better control and flexibility of your business

    • Improve clarity across your organization’s procurement spending trends
    • Attain greater control of the data you analyze and action
    • Utilize pre-configured analytics to identify compliance and savings opportunities
    • Determine necessary actions based on market conditions
    • Improve stakeholder confidence in data accuracy and analytics specific to their needs

    What’s really beneficial is that we get instant insight into actual versus planned across all of our contracts, is our spend with a particular carrier a lot more or a lot less?.

    Srestha Dutta, Global Process & Technology Senior Manager, Unilever

    JAGGAER One for Spend Management

    Identify savings opportunities and grow revenue with the JAGGAER ONE spend management software solution. It gives you the tools to track and manage expense reports, credit cards, spend reports, and more to transform your spend management operation into a value-adding business partner.

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    Spend Analytics

    JAGGAER Spend Analytics provides your organization with fresh insights to find savings, generate new revenue and strengthen your supply chain. Discover how our spend analysis tool and digital solutions can revolutionize your procurement processes.

    Manage, track and analyze all your data on one Intelligent

    • Pre-configured visualization dashboards with headline views and filter capabilities, along with the ability to track by multiple dimensions and time
    • Spend Management tools quickly identify value creation opportunities by uncovering areas for optimization, minimize non-compliant spend, reduce unit prices, consolidate suppliers and more
    • A unified view of all spend data helps analysts find faster data insights, managers track and optimize KPl’s, and executives get KPI-driven
    • Intelligent classification management tools and enrichment of data with lntelliclass machine

    Maturity Assessment

    Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.