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    JAGGAER Autonomous

    JAGGAER is transforming the way businesses conduct enterprise commerce

    Your Journey Starts Here

    Autonomous Commerce is a transformation from tactical purchasing to an automated self-governing B2B commerce experience and your organization is a catalyst to this fundamental shift in global business. Every organization has a part to play in Autonomous Commerce and understanding where you stand in your journey is critical to your long-term strategy.

    Maturity Assessment

    Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.

    Why JAGGAER?

    We are Networked

    An Enterprise Commerce Network of enterprise buyers, suppliers and partners united on a common, cloud-based platform, credentialed, onboarded and ready to transact. Buyers and suppliers upload vital information once and receive smart-match buy/sell recommendations that optimize against historical performance ratings, costs, service levels, ESG goals, risks, and a host of other considerations.

    We bring Intelligence

    Intelligence that utilizes AI and machine learning to autonomously execute many complex, resource-intensive tasks, enabling end-users to focus on more strategic, value-added work.

    We have a Comprehensive platform

    A comprehensive suite of solutions that automate the end-to-end Source-to-Pay process. These solutions can be deployed as a fully integrated suite, as families of solutions that address Upstream or Downstream operations, or as individual modules that address a company’s specific urgent needs.

    Our technology is Extensible

    Extensibility to allow buyers and suppliers to explore and deploy complementary software solutions, already integrated with JAGGAER’s core offering, via a plug & play App Marketplace; engage credentialed logistics and services providers experienced with, and certified on, the JAGGAER ONE platform; and tailor workflows with no-code business process management capabilities.

    How we Address Procurement Challenges

    How we address procurement challenges

    From Procurement Simplified to Autonomous Commerce

    Our roadmap to success starts with our 2025 Strategic Plan. We’ve thoughtfully defined the logical phases the market will go through to get to Autonomous Commerce and have aligned both our strategic plan and product roadmap with these evolutionary phases.


    Balfour Beatty is the UK’s leading construction company with digital transformation at the forefront of procurement. In this case study hear how an automated source-to-pay solution has enabled hard savings, more compliant spend, increased efficiencies and shaping the way procurement and the business now operates in a technology-enabled environment.

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