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    Smart & Intelligent eProcurement

    JAGGAER software empowers procurement to cut costs and add value. Enhance compliance and optimize spend control through our user friendly, comprehensive, and intelligent procurement solution. Enjoy the benefits of a simplified  procurement experience that enables frictionless commerce in a vast supplier network.

    A seamless experience with optimized contract and budget.

    Streamline Procurement and Source to Pay Processes

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    Experience modern e-shopping with intelligent item suggestions, allowing users to effortlessly locate items they require. Access hosted catalogs, punchouts, and internal inventory in a unified platform, and enable users to view and compare items seamlessly. At the same time, Al facilitates automatic reordering based on contracts and promotes preferred suppliers and internal inventory for a guided shopping experience.

    Clear Data Drives Action

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    Proactively manage your product categories, review assessments, and take impactfulnecessary action with intuitive reports and dashboards.

    Empower Your Procurement Teams for Cost Savings

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    Enhance compliance and savings with guided buying, directing shoppers to preferred suppliers, items, and services. Contract-based procurement ensures compliance by automatically applying contract terms to purchases based on item, user, or supplier.

    Process Automating for Time Consuming Tasks

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    Effortlessly create and customize budgets in eProcurement, using unique account strings manually or through Excel bulk import. Select from  various budget period options, owners, stakeholders, and business units. Tailor approval processes for pending budgets to suit organizational needs.

    Reallocate funds between periods or budgets using customized transfer request questionnaires with automated workflow. Adjust spending, close or

    open budget periods, and deactivate budgets as necessary.

    A system that will be used by many people needs to be simple, transparent and intuitive. eProcurement checks all of the boxes.

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    JAGGAER One Procurement Management Software

    Optimize your procurement processes to drive full compliance. Gain improved purchase requisition and spend analysis as your buyers shop across a vast supplier network for a truly seamless purchasing experience.

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    Guide your organization's spend to compliance in a powerful marketplace with a seamless automation of the end-to-end procure-to-pay processes.

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    Budget Management

    Manage, monitor, and track budget performance.

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    Research Material Management

    Manage the life cycle of chemical materials while maintaining regulatory and spend compliance and ensuring the safety of your researchers.

    Enhance visibility over spending with an integrated marketplace.

    • Optimized contract and budget compliance
    • Full spend visibility to drive savings
    • Expanded marketplace with a Fee-Free supplier network
    • Efficiency gains from mitigating difficult research processes

    Maturity Assessment

    Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.