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    Transform Accounts Payable processes and Minimize Risk with Invoice Automation

    JAEGGAER software brings the benefits of full automation of global Accounts Payable processes, while ensuring compliance with regional and country-specific regulations.

    Create, manage, capture, and approve 100% of your invoices and payments with configurable automation.

    Make major efficiency gains

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    Make major efficiency gains by streamlining your invoice processes. Our configurable automation makes it easy to create, manage, and approve all invoices. Significantly cut down manual processing and accounts payable costs through a robust invoice scanning solution. Enhance overall efficiency by reducing the time required to process invoices and shortening payment cycles – which mitigates risk and improves efficiency throughout your global supply chain.

    Invoice Automation

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    Invoice automation leads to increased efficiencies, advanced analytics, improved collaboration both internally and with suppliers, and a decrease in manual tasks. Prepare your AP team now to ensure future organizational

    Our old process, had us enter an exception invoice from scratch and handle it all the way from the mail room to the file room. With JAGGAER’s touch-free processing of invoices, we can complete the same process in about a minute.

    Assistant Director of Procurement Services, University of Virginia

    JAGGAER One for Invoicing

    Optimize your payment processes with JAGGAER’s cloudbased procurement invoice software solutions.

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    Implement a modernized invoice management software solution to automate accounts payable processes, covering invoice receiving, processing, matching, approvals, and payments to suppliers worldwide.

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    Digital Capture

    Significantly reduce manual processes and AP costs with a powerful invoice scanning solution

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    Global elnvoice Compliance

    Drive value, reduce risk, and improve efficiency across a global supply chain

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    Digital Mailroom

    Improve overall time to process invoices and shorten payment cycles

    Boost efficiency, optimize cost, and gain control over

    • Mitigated Risk through global expertise
    • Easy, dependable, and flexible integrations
    • Global compliance in a unified process
    • Reduction in manually processed invoices
    • Unified global processes
    • Increased invoices received in electronic format
    • Reduction in invoice processing cost
    • Reduction in invoice processing cycle time
    • Improved on-time payments

    Maturity Assessment

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