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    Optimized Supplier Management Solutions

    Harness JAGGAER software to discover new commercial opportunities within supplier management – and manage risk based on Al predictions to increase value across your supply chain.

    Unleash the power of streamlined supplier relationship management with a comprehensive, secure platform.

    360-degree view

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    Gain a comprehensive 360-degree view of supplier data and performance to facilitate informed decisions, proactive issue management and supplier improvement programs. You also benefit from  Al-recommended actions to ensure proactive corrective interventions and risk management. Streamline processes and enhance supplier value with an optimized Supplier Onboarding and Management system. It utilizes flexible registration rules, KPl-driven assessments, and Al-driven data analysis, which foster strategic collaboration and relationships with suppliers.

    Access a fee-free network

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    Access a fee-free network that provides a global supply chain with no transaction or access fees for buyers or suppliers. Enable independent registration and profile maintenance for suppliers while eliminating IT dependencies through JAGGAER’s provision of full resources and collaborative support at no extra cost. Simultaneously, access powerful data in one location to discover and connect with all JAGGAER suppliers. Leverage profiles, transactions, and performance data across the S2P cycle for improved decision-making and the formation of deeper business relationships. By reducing support calls and enhancing communication, you strengthen the operation of the business.

    Enhance security measures

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    Enhance security measures by delegating authentication processes for third-party applications. Align security policies and enhance usability through secure credentials management and multi-factor authentication to minimize fraud risk. Ensure simplicity and consistency with unique credentials across all JAGGAER modules and customers with multi-factor authentication for additional layer of protection for supplier user accounts.

    JAGGAER’s solutions have allowed our institution to build strong relationships with our key suppliers, increasing our spend visibility and positively impacting our bottom line.

    Jerry Fuller, Assistant Vice President for Procurement, University of Texas Health Science Center

    JAGGAER One Category Supplier Management System

    Streamline management solutions for enhanced supplier performance and added value. JAGGAER One supplier management software gives your procurement teams the tools to assess suppliers based on risk, sustainability, and real-time performance.

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    Supplier Management

    Establish connections and partnerships with suitable suppliers through an efficient onboarding process featuring flexible evaluation, approval workflows, and stakeholder engagement. Obtain a comprehensive view of supplier information, evaluate performance against predefined KPls, and collaborate on supplier development plans to ensure continuous improvement

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    Supplier Network

    Enjoy seamless single-sign-on capabilities for suppliers across all JAGGAER modules and external applications.

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    Supplier Identity Management

    Put your trust in a secured, advanced, intelligent, and reliable centralized supplier management platform that seamlessly connects buyers and suppliers.

    Holistic Supplier Management System for Improved Risk Mitigation and Performance Optimization

    • Better and efficient supplier identification and selection
    • Reduced the risk of fraud with third-party data
    • Secured transactions with multi-factor authentication
    • Extensive and free global supplier network
    • Document Intelligence

    Maturity Assessment

    Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.