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    Capital Energy incorporates JAGGAER technology in its procurement and renewable projects


    The company will approve its suppliers according to sustainability criteria

    Madrid, 7 July 2022.Capital Energy, a Spanish energy company founded two decades ago and whose vocation is to become the first vertically integrated 100% renewable energy operator in the Iberian Peninsula, has embarked on an ambitious project to digitalize 100% of its procurement processes with JAGGAER, the global leader in Autonomous Commerce.

    The energy company’s objectives are to achieve significant savings both financially, which could range between 10 and 15%, and in management time, which will be reduced by 30%. In addition, one of the main objectives of the project for Capital Energy is to reduce Maverick costs to a minimum.

    “At the moment, the Procurement function is almost entirely manual, but, thanks to the agreement with JAGGAER, our digital transformation will extend to all the procedures associated with this area of the business,” said María Gorrochategui, Head of Procurement at Capital Energy. “The new procurement platform will help us in all processes associated with the future construction of wind farms and photovoltaic plants,” she added.

    Capital Energy, which currently has a portfolio of wind and solar projects in the Iberian Peninsula with more than 30 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, of which more than 8 GW have already been granted grid access permits, has decided to rely on JAGGAER because of its extensive experience in utilities and energy in Spain. In fact, as Antonio Romero, Commercial Director of JAGGAER, pointed out, “the majority of companies in this sector in Spain and Portugal work with us”.

    Apart from a competitive offer, “The implementation of the new platform had to be flexible enough to adapt to Capital Energy’s potential growth and allow it to focus on digitalization without access restrictions. This was a unique value proposition of our proposal,” said Romero.

    With approximately 2,000 suppliers, almost all of them national, and more than 8,000 orders per year, the energy company also wants to initiate a digital approval procedure with sustainability criteria, understood in its broadest sense.

    “Establishing minimum criteria will allow us to know the status of these suppliers and define which ones will be able to collaborate with Capital Energy, extending our commitment to maximizing sustainability across our entire supply chain”, Gorrochategui said. 

    Covering the full cycle of the Procurement function

    The digitalization strategy initiated by the company will streamline the entire procurement process, from the start of the need through to the payment of the invoice, including the registration and approval of suppliers and the management of tenders and contracts.

    The project includes the JAGGAER ONE eProcurement, eInvoicing, Supplier Management, Sourcing and Contract Management modules, as well as integration with the company’s ERP system.


    About Capital Energy

    In line with its commitment to the ecological and just energy transition, Capital Energy currently has a portfolio of wind and solar projects in the Iberian Peninsula with more than 30 gigawatts (GW) of capacity, of which more than 8 GW have already been granted grid access permits.Capital Energy has achieved its strategic objective of being present throughout the entire renewable generation value chain: from development, where the company has a consolidated position thanks to its 20-year track record, to construction, production, storage, operation and supply. The company has 15 offices in Spain and Portugal with around 360 employees.

    About JAGGAER: Autonomous Commerce

    JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT) and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flow frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. We are Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive and Extensible. We are over 1,100 employees strong, all focused on customer success. For more information, visit www.jaggaer.com

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