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Autonomous Commerce Revolution

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Autonomous Commerce is a journey—a transformation from tactical purchasing to an automated self-governing B2B commerce experience—and your organization is a catalyst to this fundamental shift in global business. Every organization has a part to play in Autonomous Commerce and understanding where you stand in your journey is critical to your long-term strategy.

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Why JAGGAER for Autonomous Commerce

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How is JAGGAER ONE leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution?

We have listened to the collective needs of our customers and believe we have a clear plan to evolve our platform into a self-governing community where the mundane is eliminated, your talent can focus on high value, strategic work, the community is connected and learning, and value is created for all.

The combined power of our four defining characteristics, Networked, Intelligence, Comprehensive and Extensible are fundamental in our ability to create such change. So, what is its ultimate value to Buyers, Suppliers and Partners? It is enabling these stakeholders to do things they never could before along the end-to-end source-to-pay process.

Balfour Beatty is the UK’s leading construction company with digital transformation at the forefront of procurement. In this case study hear how an automated source-to-pay solution has enabled hard savings, more compliant spend, increased efficiencies and shaping the way procurement and the business now operates in a technology-enabled environment.

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From Procurement Simplified to Autonomous Commerce

Our roadmap to success starts with our 2025 Strategic Plan. We’ve thoughtfully defined the logical phases the market will go through to get to Autonomous Commerce and have aligned both our strategic plan and product roadmap with these evolutionary phases.

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See What the Experts have to Say About Us

As the only procurement vendor to be included in Gartner's Intelligent Applications AI Hype Cycle report and our ascent with industry analysts, our strategic plan is being executed well.

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Leader in Both Capabilities and Strategies - Forrester | IDC
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