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    JAGGAER Version 22.2 Tackles Real Business Challenges while Advancing the Company’s Autonomous Commerce Strategy

    Research Triangle, July 19, 2022JAGGAER has announced the release of the 22.2 version of its JAGGAER ONE suite. Enhancements cover the entire source-to-pay spectrum, designed to ensure frictionless transacting on both the buyer and supplier sides. “With this release, JAGGAER has responded to our customers’ wishes and delivered new features and enhancements that help them solve the very specific day-to-day challenges they face. Taken in their totality, they also move us closer to our vision of Autonomous Commerce, with solutions that are networked, intelligent, comprehensive and extensible,” commented JAGGAER CEO Jim Bureau.

    More efficient management of contracts

    “We’ve acted to help customers reduce the time involved in reading and manually checking contracts, especially those customers in large organizations who manage hundreds or thousands of contracts,” said JAGGAER Chief Product Officer Dawn Andre. Earlier this year JAGGAER announced the acquisition of Contracts AI, a natural complement to Contracts. With this latest version JAGGAER has implemented single sign-on (SSO) capability between Contracts and Contracts AI to provide seamless connectivity between the solutions. This means customers can send contract documents from Contracts to Contracts AI for scanning, extraction, and clause variance analysis – saving time and increasing compliance.

    Moreover, JAGGAER customers who use JAGGAER’s Program Manager to build workflows for complex, multi-stage projects can now create contracts and link to them directly from within a Project or even from an individual task. This V22.2 enhancement allows customer organizations to standardize their internal processes while enabling users to execute seamlessly on their contracting tasks. “Customers increasingly use a range of JAGGAER solutions in tandem. This comprehensive solution supports their unique needs, especially with regard to their business processes and workflows related to contracts,” Andre said.

    Better invoice management for buyers & suppliers

    “By providing greater visibility into the invoicing process and making it more efficient, we’re helping to improve buyer-supplier relationships,” Andre said. JAGGAER has redesigned supplier portal invoicing with a new, modern user interface. It allows organizations to configure supplier invoice documents and provides new and improved communication with suppliers in real time. For example, suppliers can see when goods were delivered to the buyer and in what quantity, invoice accordingly, and track payment. JAGGAER has also added new functionality such as the ability for suppliers to select “Ship To” addresses, view matching information, and use expanded invoice search options.

    “This shows what we mean when we say Autonomous Commerce is networked,” Andre commented. “It improves supplier adoption of the portal, ensures faster invoice entry and improved visibility during and after invoice submission, and optimizes the accounts payable process for buyers.”

    Reduced manual effort, increased accuracy

    The combination of OCR, machine learning and automation for Supplier Management+ in the new release automatically provides document checks to inform supplier management teams about the current supplier risk status. “Intelligent document validation will increase team productivity, reducing the demands on their time and enhancing the accuracy of document verification and validation,” Andre commented.

    JAGGAER Pay is a new module in V22.2 that can be used to process payments directly with AP Payments-as-a-Service company Finexio. It simplifies payment processes to optimize electronic payment method adoption with a comprehensive suite of payment methods. For the time being, this new feature is available to customers in North America only.

    “JAGGAER Pay extends the scope of our solution. It allows customers to manage 100% of payables without ever leaving JAGGAER, and it’s integrated into global payment systems. This reduces the cost of payments by up to 50%,” Andre said.

    The features and enhancements mentioned here are only a selection of those added in JAGGAER Version 22.2 – JAGGAER customers can review all enhancement details in the Product Release Library.

    Integrations accelerate Autonomous Commerce

    Last but not least, V22.2 includes a number of important third-party integrations, which further accelerate the Autonomous Commerce strategy of being extensible. Billtrust offers JAGGAER suppliers an easy way to submit invoices to their customers electronically, without a complicated technical setup process. This not only increases supplier adoption, but also helps customers to collaborate efficiently with even more suppliers. AI-enabled response-management software from RFPIO automates and streamlines the RFP experience for suppliers, which in turn gives JAGGAER customers faster and higher response rates and raises the quality of RFPs. And the partnership between JAGGAER and CiteAb delivers an industry-leading biological reagent search and management solution to JAGGAER’s many customers in life sciences and higher education.

    JAGGAER has also enhanced its existing TealBook integration capability with new automated services to receive updated supplier diversity certificate data without manual intervention, significantly increasing process efficiency. The feature is available for customers using JAGGAER Supplier Management in the latest release.

    About JAGGAER: Autonomous Commerce
    JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT) and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flow frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. We are Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive and Extensible. We are over 1,100 employees strong, all focused on customer success. For more information, visit www.jaggaer.com

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