Digital, instant, secure, and effortless B2B payments.


CFO’s and AP teams can achieve more value with less by automating end-to-end AP processes.

Why JAGGAER for Payments


Of your AP spend securely managed.


Reduction in labor hours to process payments!


Reduction in expensive manual payments.

Spend Management

Automate 100% of global B2B payments. Easy and secure onboarding, connect to any payments system.

Automate, Simplify, and Optimize Payments

JAGGAER’s networked, intelligent, comprehensive, and extensible platform provides end-to-end global AP automation. With the recent inclusion of JAGGAER Pay, every AP task can now be managed in a single solution, eliminating the need to bounce between ERP’s and multiple-point solutions, increasing efficiency and reducing overhead costs.

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JAGGAER Pay - Datasheet

Learn How JAGGAER Pay can Automate & Simplify Your AP Payments

JAGGAER Pay - Digital Credit Cards

Smarter Payments, Better Benefits

No more printing, signing, and mailing paper checks. No more settlement headaches. Our intelligent payment network executes supplier payments on your behalf so your staff can focus on high-value activities. We also guarantee payment settlement. This means you will never have to chase down suppliers about outstanding payments.

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Webinar | Shaping the Future of AP Payments in 2024 – Top Trends CFOs Need to Know

The accounts payable landscape is undergoing rapid evolution, influenced by emerging trends that are reshaping how businesses manage their financial processes.

Watch as Jeff Laborde, Chief Financial Officer of JAGGAER, and Mike Rodriguez, Chief Financial Officer of Finexio, dive into the must-know B2B payments trends and insights for 2024. Here’s what you can expect:

  • AI at the Forefront
  • Combatting Payments Fraud
  • Revolutionizing Revenue Streams
  • Expert Insights

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Take away error-prone and manual process. Speak to an expert today to learn how JAGGAER Pay can help simplify your payments.

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