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Limit disruptions, take control of your supplier relationships, and focus on future resources and strategy in digital transformation.

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The most comprehensive, all-in-one platform in the market, JAGGAER ONE, was tactfully built for the strategic thinkers. Those who are challenged by supplier limitations as well as siloed management systems housing supplier data; and determined to circumnavigate today’s environment to find the best quality materials, products, and services suited for your specific, highly customized needs.

We are stronger together.

At JAGGAER, we infuse collaboration with functionality to solve your complex business challenges and build agile, resilient supply chains.

Anticipating challenges within supplier relationship management, we fully integrated the monitoring of supplier quality and performance with remediation action planning in the form of milestones, improvement monitors, and corrective action solutions, storing all your communications and benchmarking in one place.

With the enhanced support of optimized sourcing, risk and spend analytics, as well as digital and process transformation, you have the framework and capabilities necessary to leverage buying and negotiation powers as you dive into R&D and the future of smart materials, simulation, and autonomous systems.

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The proven path.

Achieve your strategic and financial goals with a company who brings 25 years of superior spend management transparency.

In competitive markets like Aerospace and Defense (A&D), capabilities assessing sensitivities around risk, security and quality adherence is critical, and a simple ERP system just won’t cut it. We all know the more strategic an A&D organization can be the better the supply chain execution. With JAGGAER ONE, automated and standardized workflows, certifications, scoring, reporting and more give you complete visibility with digital transformation as the catalyst for success.

No matter what obstacles you face or where you are on your growth journey, we offer flexible implementations and integrations that work in lockstep as an extension of your team. One complete, intelligent platform provides the flexibility, breadth, and depth for your journey to spend management excellence, and our goal is to get you there at your own pace.


Improve upon your spend, spend categories, supplier relationships, and supply chain collaboration with our full S2P processes.

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Fully Integrated Suite
The number one, end-to-end solution, our full S2P platform, JAGGAER ONE, allows you to keep all your S2P and SCE data in one system and leverage that information with augmented analytics that provide you deep predictive insights.
Configure and manage sourcing events specifically designed to handle the complex data required for direct materials, including Bill of Materials, NPI, APQP, Cost Breakdown Structures and technical drawings.
Category Management
The most insightful information for manufacturing’s total spend, allowing you to create strategies, collect internal & market data, measure supplier performance, track implementation status and drive execution.
Supplier Relationship Management
Monitor performance and drive improvements with robust supplier collaboration tools. Focus on quality control, contract and global trade compliance, and supply chain management to reduce disruptions in your production line.
Supply Chain Collaboration
Collaborate with all your direct material suppliers within a completely digital supplier portal for real-time forecasting, VMI, PO management, delivery scheduling and call-offs, 3PL integration and goods receipt.
Quality Management
Work collaboratively in real-time with your suppliers to improve part and material quality. Minimize threats to your supply chain from faulty parts or materials. Use one portal for quality documentation and procedures, all integrated with your ERP.
Deep Analysis
Achieve optimal performance by providing your team with embedded intelligence for analyzing, planning and recommending actions. JAGGAER One collects spend, supplier and quality information at every step of the supply chain journey for powerful analytics.
Best-in-class ERP integration with plug and play (PnP) SAP connectors and native multi-ERP support. Flexible data model & open API’s to communicate with any third-party system.
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Despite having different SAP systems, all of our locations will soon have access to a central database. This digital connection makes it easier to communicate internally and speeds up the release process.
Onur Açıkgöz Project Leader, Strategic Procurement
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FedRAMP Certification in Progress!

JAGGAER is committed to the protection and integrity serving our customers and communities. Meeting the severity of the demands of an ever-changing landscape, we walk through the fire together. In a data-driven world, we pledge our trust and confidence through ensuring the highest levels of data security; and our partnership with you is a true testament to the freedom that certainty provides.

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