Automate invoicing to save time & money

Key Features

Cuts costs

According to the Aberdeen Group, manual invoicing costs on average $35 a time. Cut that to less than a tenth with JAGGAER ONE.

Saves time

Manual processing invoices can take anything up to 38 days according to the Aberdeen Group. With JAGGAER it’s automatic – and real-time!

Full visibility

JAGGAER ONE gives you visibility over all AP tasks – collecting, submitting, matching (2-, 3- and 4-way) and approving supplier invoices.

JAGGAER ONE Procure-to-Pay

The ultimate goal of JAGGAER ONE Procure-to-Pay is to simplify the way buyers purchase goods and services from contracted suppliers.

  • Automates all of your AP tasks
  • Full visibility into organizational spending
  • Approving supplier invoices (digital
    and paper-based)

Invoicing Datasheet

Boost efficiency, optimize cost and gain control over invoicing.

Invoicing Checklist

Compare your invoicing requirements with our proven features and functions.

Drowning in Paper Invoices? Automate Your Accounts Payable.

A white paper on maximizing cash, savings and your bottom line with accounts payable automation.

How to Save 80% on Processing Costs for Every Invoice

Three case studies reveal how to achieve digital invoicing.

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