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The world’s most successful industries recognize that having a single multi-function technology solution that aligns complex transportation logistics with their overall procurement strategy is critical for streamlining operations and gaining a competitive edge. Transportation procurement, sourcing, bidding, awarding, contracting, and managing suppliers are complex, demanding, high-stakes processes requiring real-time data and sophisticated management tools.

How do leading Distribution Logistics organizations secure the right carriers, balance the critical variables of cost, risk analysis, supplier performance, and still achieve 100 percent spend under management? They turn to Tejari. Tejari’s Transportation and Logistics Suite is optimized not only for Distribution Logistics and services, but for the entire organization’s procurement needs. Our multi-faceted solution allows a company to optimize its business while operating the critical infrastructure that runs the business.

While there may be differences in logistics procurement strategies between trucking, LTL sourcing, ocean sourcing, air freight sourcing, and multi-modal transportation procurement, the basic elements of making the right decisions and managing suppliers and events are the same. Our solutions far outstrip the capabilities of Transportation Management Systems (TMS) or a standard ERP suite. Tejari’s proven, state-of-the-art solutions have been developed for all modes of transportation and are in use by some of the largest logistics companies in the world.

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Case Study

Facing rising transportation costs, an increasingly complex supplier network and an inconsistent supply continuity, a leading Logistics company had outgrown its manual spreadsheet business management solution. The Company operated from multiple locations, each with its own network of carriers, to deliver finished products to customers. These carriers would occasionally interrupt the supply chain with unforeseen mishaps, introducing risk into the equation. Minimal contract terms were in place and there was no system to hold carriers accountable or even track their performance. The current model lacked end-to-end visibility into how the company made decisions and spent funds, its capabilities would soon be outstripped by business growth.

The Logisitics company’s CPO turned to Tejari’s automated transportation and logistics solution suite to standardize and centralize their procurement organization for decreased cost, consistent service levels, more governance, and risk mitigation. The solution suite provided a complete view into spending and the criteria from making those decisions, while tying a newly sourced supplier to a lock solid service contract.

What Sets Us Apart

Tejari’s Distribution Suite guides users through carrier sourcing and contract negotiation, into supplier onboarding and performance management: the lifeblood of every logistics organization. Tejari’s customers can pinpoint areas that need improvement or attention in real time with advanced data analytics. Our industry-specific solution supports everything from smaller-scale “spot bid” events to annual global air and ocean sourcing, and domestic truckload events for hundreds of Global 2000 companies.

Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO) is ideally suited to handle the larger-scale RFPs involved in transportation sourcing—bringing powerful analytics and optimization to your fingertips.

With ASO, logistics organizations can:

  • Utilize Multi-stage optimization (MSO) to gain unparalleled visibility into the entire supply chain through the application of blockchain logic theorem;
  • Find the right supplier for the job and evaluate mode-shifting impacts by comparing different “what if” scenarios and scoring algorithms for each with the patented Scenario Builder;
  • Gain visibility into additional critical data from bidders—such as technology advancements, supplier performance, innovation and total value—using the unique Expressive Bidding® System; and
  • Drive procurement efficiencies; for example, multi-item, multi-location bids can be consolidated from thousands of line items into a single bid.

With one moment’s disruption having a large impact on the whole business, distribution companies need to assure that contracts are up to date and being fulfilled—Tejari’s Contract Lifecycle Management solution does just that, enabling automation and other efficiencies so that companies can stay on top of things.

By using our solution, companies are able to:

  • Streamline contract management with improved collaboration from authoring to approval; all contracts are stored in a single, secure central repository to help with compliance and accessibility;
  • Reduce authoring times thanks to dynamic contract generation and a wealth of templates for full contracts, clauses, and individual obligations; and
  • Eliminate risk of errors and missed obligations with a single point reference for all contract terms and conditions—all updating in real-time.

Tejari’s Supplier Management solution is a comprehensive supplier lifecycle management tool that alleviates the manual vendor management process and provides complete visibility into carrier performance and risk.

Organizations taking advantage of our solution can:

  • Compare suppliers in total quality, pricing, and risk to build an all-star roster of vendors, and make sure it stays that way with insight into performance metrics;
  • Guide registration of suppliers and automate the management process, including alerts for expirations and renewals; and
  • Run sourcing projects, assess spending levels, and optimize payment processes from a single portal.

Tejari integrates seamlessly with more than 40 ERP systems, including Oracle, SAP, IBM Maximo, McKesson, Infor, Banner, Workday, Colleague, and PeopleSoft.

Contact us to learn why our customers benefit from the combination of Tejari with their traditional ERP systems.


Tejari’s single, efficient procurement suite manages the all the company’s business needs and adds real value to the organization. Tejari’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer combines expressive bidding with company wide initiatives and allows this Logistics company to analyze different scenarios before choosing the right carriers. Once the selection is made, the company utilizes Contract Lifecycle Management for contract negotiation, delivery of the final award and contract lifecycle management. Finally, supplier onboarding, performance monitoring and overall risk assessment is handled through Tejari’s Supplier Management solution. Every critical element of procurement, including supplier sourcing, engagement and management has been optimized by JAGGER’s transportation procurement solution, enabling the Logistics company to meet its business growth projections.

Net Results:

  • 7% Reduction in cost for transitioning more product from air to truck
  • 95-100% truck capacity
  • 11% Reduction in overall costs from increased competition
  • 20% Reduction in unreliable carriers
  • 100% Iron-clad contracts in place
  • 100% Suppliers vetted, onboarded, and monitored for performance
  • 10% Improvement in procurement cycle times
  • 500% Gain in efficient processes
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