Reverse Auction Software

Collecting Supplier Offers Takes Time and Effort

It takes a considerable amount of time to ensure you are getting the best price when thinking about supplier offers. There is always the concern that you are not getting the best price and, on top of that, working to get the best offer often leads to protracted negotiations with many suppliers at once. This can be a very frustrating process that does not always yield the most cost-effective result.

Introducing The Intelligent Reverse Auction

JAGGAER Direct eAuction is a reverse auction that gets better results than traditional ways of creating cost savings. It is the ideal follow-up to an eRFX and eliminates the need for long, face-to-face negotiations. eAuctions also save time, strengthen negotiation position, and increase competition between suppliers. As a result, eAuctions can produce 10-15% more savings than other methods.


  • English dynamic
  • English ticker
  • Dutch ticker
  • Hong Kong ticker
  • Traffic light auction
  • Rank auction
  • First-price-sealed-bid

The JAGGAER team can help you determine which auction type will work for you and your item, and help you make it a success!

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Turn eRFx into an eAuction in one click
  • Pull auction results into Contract Repository quickly and easily to save time and effort
  • Flexible pricing: run the module yourself and use eAuctions whenever you want – or pay per event
  • Professional services option, including supplier on-boarding and support, training on auction theory, how-to coaching for setting up events, and event management
  • A wide range of auction types and flexible options that work even when you have only one supplier

Integrate For Even Better Results


Want to Save up to 15% Fast in Sourcing?


Want to Save 80 % on Process Costs?


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