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    Bally Extends Supply Chain Governance with JAGGAER

    Milan, May 23, 2023 – Bally, the Swiss luxury brand founded in 1851 and now present with 320 stores and 500 multi-brand outlets in 60 countries worldwide, has chosen the JAGGAER ONE platform to optimize the visibility and governance of its purchasing and supplier management processes.  The project will be carried out in collaboration with Reply Consulting. 

    Bally’s Purchasing Department needs to manage the marked increase in its activity in a new way, by streamlining and digitalizing internal procedures. This is the result of the company’s rapid growth, increasingly stringent requirements for supplier base management and risk mitigation, renewed attention to ESG parameters that must be managed throughout the supply chain with increasingly efficient processes, and the demand for better visibility of spend data.  

    JAGGAER’s vast experience of the procurement processes of the fashion world and the continuous drive for technological innovation guided Bally’s choice of the JAGGAER ONE solution, which will allow the company – quickly and with a progressive adoption path – to manage more than 25,000 annual orders and a thousand suppliers digitally, giving a new direction to the reading and analysis of spend management data. 

    The JAGGAER ONE platform will be the point of contact for supplier interactions, from onboarding, qualification, and document management through to performance management. At the same time, the solution will enable management of the order request input and approval flow, giving procurement management better and more detailed visibility into spend data in a timely manner and also ensuring better governance throughout the process. 

    “The fashion world is accelerating the process of innovation, and Bally is a concrete example of the industry’s willingness to achieve real transformation,” commented Matteo Ambrosioni, Account Executive at JAGGAER. “There are more than twenty departments involved in the digital procurement revolution which, together, we are driving forward to achieve automated, simplified, and more timely management of purchasing processes, capable of creating efficiency and value in the supply chain.” 

    About Bally 

    Bally is a Swiss luxury brand established in 1851, with a rich heritage in shoemaking, and a longstanding relationship to architecture, arts, and the environment. Today, the brand offers unique designs across shoes, accessories, and ready-to-wear, driven by a dedication to craftsmanship and a contemporary aesthetic. Bally has over 320 retail stores and 500 multi-brand points of sale spanning across 60 countries worldwide, including a global e-commerce platform serving 58 countries. The company is owned by JAB Holding Company, a privately held group focused on long-term investments in companies with premium brands, attractive growth and strong cash flow dynamics. In January 2022, Bally welcomed Rhuigi Villaseñor as Creative Director. He will present his first collection for Bally with the Spring/Summer 2023 season.  

    For further information, please visit www.bally.com   

    Find out more about JAGGAER and its Autonomous Commerce strategy. 

    About JAGGAER Autonomous Commerce 

    JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT), and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flows frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers with smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. We are Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive, and Extensible. We are over 1,100 employees strong, all focused on customer success. 

    For further information please visit jaggaer.com 


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