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Manage and track the research process from purchase to disposal with complete compliance. JAGGAER’s powerful software and automated research material and chemical inventory control bundle have accelerated scientific discovery, making the world a better place since 1995.

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Why JAGGAER for Life Sciences & Pharmaceuticals

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From indirect to direct materials, JAGGAER has your prescription for world-class spend management.

Reduce costs, save time, improve processes and promote regulatory compliance with a complete suite of spend management solutions that covers all your spend. Increase connectivity and collaboration between all your buyers and suppliers, even for your most complex research, lab supply and chemical supply chains.

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Top global life science companies choose JAGGAER to modernize and transform procurement.

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Items with negotiated pricing are available in searchable supplier catalogs.

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Serving science and pharmaceutical organizations large and small, JAGGAER helps you transform your strategic sourcing and procurement processes following your growth trajectory at your own pace. Achieve further efficiency and lower risk with our industry specific software solutions.

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Fully Integrated Solution Suite
Enjoy a consistent user experience while leveraging data and insights to improve your business. We support many avenues of digital transformation, whether that's source to contract, spend analysis or source to pay, allowing your solution to scale as your business needs change.
Configure and manage sourcing events specifically designed to handle the complex data required for research materials and chemicals. JAGGAER's robust sourcing solutions provide the tools to strategically de-risk the supply chain and reduce costs in the process.
Contract Management
Our contract management software can handle the simplest and most complex for all your life science needs. We offer a tool that can scan your contracts and identify risky clauses and terms. Customize the tool to meet your business requirements regardless of your organization size.
Contract Management
Supplier Relationship Management
Reduce regulatory and compliance risks by standardizing, automating and templatizing the onboarding of suppliers. Monitor performance and drive supplier improvement initiatives with robust supplier collaboration tools, helping to reduce future supply chain disruptions.
Supplier Management
Research Material Management
With research material searching, inventory, tracking and reporting unmatched in the industry, JAGGAER's RMM solution reduces lab costs in compliance as well as inventory savings on things such as repository and waste. Efficient, easy to use chemical searches allow your spend controls to be fluid and agile.
Research Material Management
Supplier Enablement
Get access to a complete global supply network, free of transaction and access fees, and take the strain of onboarding off your team. JAGGAER provides full resources for more suppliers, enables them at no additional cost and works collaboratively with you and your suppliers.
Supplier Network
Spend Analytics
Achieve optimal performance by providing your team with embedded intelligence for analyzing, planning and recommending actions. JAGGAER collects spend, supplier and quality information at every step of the supply chain journey for powerful analytics.
Spend Analytics
Integration Flexibility
Our solutions are meant to augment your current source of truth, not replace it. We accomplish this by seamlessly communicating with any third-party system. Our system is flexible, allowing you to configure the solution to meet your current and future technology needs.
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JAGGAER has greatly increased buying efficiency and productivity, which has significantly enhanced scientific progress at Scripps.
Sandra Schmid, Ph.D. Chairman, Cell Biology
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