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    Supplier Support

    Whether you’re a supplier or partner, JAGGAER support is here for you. Learn about our supplier support programs.

    Customer support agent

    If you’re a JAGGAER Supplier in need of support, submit a supplier support ticket or call Support.

    JAGGAER’s Privacy Polices are publicly available to provide information about JAGGAER’s processing activities depending on the purpose of processing: 

    • To learn more about JAGGAER’s personal data processing for marketing purposes, which includes processing of personal data of JAGGAER’s website visitors, please see Marketing Privacy Policy
    • To learn more about JAGGAER’s processing of personal data related to users of JAGGAER’s hosted software applications and related services (collectively, “Solutions”) obtained in connection with use of the Solutions, please see Service Privacy Policy
    • For any questions about JAGGAER’s privacy practices, please contact us at privacy@jaggaer.com 
    Customer support agent

    Full Support for our Suppliers

    Our supplier support team can assist with a range of questions, including:

    Questions about the Supplier Portal: you want to know who your organization’s portal administrators are, get information about portal navigation etc.

    • Access: You need to get access to the portal, have a Portal created etc.
    • Catalog management: You’re looking for details about managing your hosted catalog, submissions, attributes etc.
    • Invoices: You are having trouble submitting invoices via the supplier portal.
    • Supplier News: You have questions or comments about a topic in the latest Supplier News issue.

    The JAGGAER Supplier Portal

    Our supplier portal is completely free, and we don’t charge any fees for suppliers to participate.

    The JAGGAER Supplier Portal offers:

    • A profile and network listing, searchable by over one million procurement and sourcing users
    • Support communications and training materials
    • The ability to review and action notifications or communications received from customers
    • An unlimited number of users and roles for your employees

    Become a Supplier

    The JAGGAER Supplier Network is where our global buyers and suppliers connect. Manage your own data, get discovered by JAGGAER customers and track your interactions with them. Members of our Supplier Network gain access to:

    • Dedicated Supplier Portal to access the JAGGAER Supplier Network
    • Assistance getting set up and enabled
    • Comprehensive training

    Become a Catalog Supplier

    Connect your supplier catalog content with a shopping environment where buyers can search for and order what they need, when they need it.

    There are two ways to become an enabled catalog supplier:

    • A JAGGAER customer must submit an Enablement Request to integrate with you.
    • Participate in the Science Catalog if you meet the appropriate requirements.

    Maturity Assessment

    Take this quick Autonomous Commerce Maturity Assessment now to identify your maturity stage and the next steps to take in your journey.