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With the help of a highly intuitive and configurable Rates management solution, combining the power of JAGGAER Advanced Rates Sourcing Optimizer, enables Buyers the flexibility and configurability to adjust contracted pricing


JAGGAER Advanced Rates is a repository of contracted prices that is highly intuitive and configurable. Combining the power of Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO), the solution enables Buyers the flexibility and configurability to easily adjust contracted pricing without the effort of starting up a full event or re-negotiating through the awarding process.

Advanced Rates works seamlessly with JAGGAER Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (JAGGAER ASO) and JAGGAER Contracts+. The solution allows Buyers and Suppliers communicate via comments and messages on top of an instant update of rates proposals. 

The full suite of JAGGAER Advanced Rates combined with JAGGAER ASO sourcing, JAGGAER Contracts + and JAGGAER Supplier Management provides an easy view of all historic negotiations and interactions, visualize all contracted rates, different workflows to update rates, Traceability of rates modifications along with a full and complete Source to Contract process.​​


Why JAGGAER for Advanced Rates


Key Features


  • Centralized access to contracted rates ​
  • User-configurable rate structures ​
  • Buyer or Supplier initiated Proposal/Updates with full audit trial of changes ​
  • Multi-layer location search ​
  • Seamless workflow from Sourcing event, to Contract, to Rate Structure for awarded prices ​
  • ASO event creation from existing rate structure and rate structure creation from ASO event ​
  • Easy view of all historic negotiations and interactions, visualize all contracted rates, Traceability of rates modifications.​
  • Quickly react to market changes and adapt your pricing ​
  • Collaborate with your suppliers without a brand-new sourcing negotiation ​
  • Have a central repository for all your rates/pricing points, from JAGGAER or outside JAGGAER ​
  • Quick identification of your savings opportunities or new negotiation needs ​
  • Quick update of your contracts with new rates

Key Benefits to Different Stakeholders

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