JAGGAER Research Material Management

Bring the Focus back to groundbreaking research.

Enable faster discovery, greater cost savings, and increased health and safety compliance

Why JAGGAER for Research Material Management

JAGGAER Research Material Management (RMM) is joining with CiteAb to transform the way researchers find, select, acquire, and manage bioreagents.

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For us, really, what is so beneficial is that it’s very easy to use and it’s very scalable.
Amie Ortiz Sr. Business Analyst
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Manage the life cycle of chemical materials while maintaining regulatory and spend compliance and ensuring the safety of your researchers.

Bridge the gap between procurement and R&D, helping to solve the long tail of scientific spend.

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Implementation Options to Deliver Value Faster
One-size-fits-all approaches often fail spectacularly. Instead, our collaborative, agile approach identifies the right plan for your business, followed by a carefully crafted rollout and training program.
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Easy, Dependable and Flexible Integrations
A robust, dedicated integration framework connects JAGGAER to all your enterprise systems with out-of-the-box ERP and third-party solution integrations.
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Data Security: From the Ground to the Cloud
JAGGAER’s software and integrations are built to keep your data safe. Robust user and role-based access enables sharing of pertinent data without compromising privacy or sensitive data.
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Centralized View into Internal Inventory
Integrate your businesses with the full JAGGAER ONE platform and more. With accurate order, fulfillment, invoicing and return tracking connected to your ERP system, you get accurate data for proper financial accounting.
Solutions Built Around Your Business
Get a solution built for you and see results faster. JAGGAER focuses on your business challenges, processes and people to drive toward key milestones and business outcomes.
Go IT-Free with IaaS
Don’t burden your IT department or depend on their availability. JAGGAER’s Integration as a Service (IaaS) removes the need for internal IT resources so you can focus on business outcomes.
Rely on JAGGAER for Compliance
With ever-changing threats and regulations, you need security you can count on. Be confident in a cloud-based system knowing that JAGGAER prioritizes your data integrity.
A Clear Picture in One Place
Stop searching across platforms for stockroom and laboratory inventory. With everything in one tool, get a clear snapshot of activity, valuation and turn rates at the click of a button.

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Research Material Management supports the management of storeroom and lab inventories.

Monitor and report health and safety and optimize lab inventory use and promote regulatory compliance while managing the risks associated with hazardous materials

Contact Us if your researchers are spending more time finding materials than using them to create life-saving treatments.

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