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    ECOTIC Utilizes JAGGAER Sourcing to Manage Nearly 100,000 Tons of WEEE Materials Annually


    RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC – February 19, 2019: ECOTIC, a private, European non-profit Waste Electronic and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) management organization, processed over 97,000 tons of waste in 2018, leveraging JAGGAER’s industry-leading sourcing platform. This represents a significant reduction in waste for ECOTIC’s mission to foster a cleaner environment. By 2019, ECOTIC expects to successfully manage over 120,000 tons of waste through the platform.

    ECOTIC collects and recycles WEEE including air conditioning, appliances, communications equipment, electrical and electronic tools, medical devices, and all types of computer equipment. The entity serves more than 6,000 collection points throughout the Iberian Peninsula, including clean points and distributors. Between 85-90% of WEEE can be recycled and reused.

    The JAGGAER collaborative Sourcing platform has allowed ECOTIC to channel the information of more than 100 managers and carriers, through a workflow that involves distributors, processors, processing centers, recyclers and industrial consumers. JAGGAER’s solution also ensures that all potential suppliers comply with the requirements for financial solvency. ECOTIC joins the many companies that have taken advantage of JAGGAER’s expansive spend management technology to bring transparency, efficiency, time and cost savings to their processes.

    “We support ECOTIC’s initiatives and have spent over 20 years working with customers that are contributing to this important work on the local and global level,” says Robert Bonavito, CEO of JAGGAER.



    About ECOTIC

    ECOTIC is a private, non-profit organization of a foundational nature, whose constitution has been promoted by the main companies in the consumer electronics sector. Established on 7 March 2005, ECOTIC works in favor of the defense of the environment and sustainable development through the awareness and training of manufacturers, distributors and users of electrical and electronic devices.

    Its main activity is the correct management of the waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) of the companies and entities adhered to as Collective System of Expanded Producer Responsibility (SCRAP), responding to the legal requirements that producers and distributors of electrical and electronic equipment must meet. This waste management guarantees not only its adequate recycling, but also that it is carried out in the most efficient and economically reasonable way, optimizing the resources destined to the financing of the process, and achieving in this way that the system is sustainable and guaranteeing its durability over time.



    About JAGGAER: Global Spend Management Solutions

    JAGGAER is the world´s largest independent spend management company, with over 2,000 customers connected to a network of 3,7 million suppliers in 70 countries, served by offices located in North America, Latin America, throughout Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, Asia and the Middle East. JAGGAER offers a complete SaaS-based Source to Pay eProcurement solutions with advanced Spend Analytics, Sourcing, Supplier Management, Contract Lifecycle Management, Saving Tracking and intelligent workflows capabilities. JAGGAER has pioneered spend solutions for over two decades and continues to lead the innovation curve by listening to customers and analyzing the market. Our solution suites are trusted by the world’s largest manufacturing, education, health care, retail, consumer package goods, logistics, construction, utilities companies and public service organizations.

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