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    Dubai Municipality Awarded with an Exceeding Seven Stars Rating Recognition for Their “Digital Transformation in Contracts” Project

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    Dubai, United Arab Emirates: Dubai Municipality recently announced that it has been awarded with an “Exceeding Seven Stars” rating in recognition of its “Digital transformation in contracts” project.

    “Exceeding Seven Stars” is considered the highest rating in the evaluation of participating projects following the global trade approach within the “Dubai We Learn” initiative for institutional education and reference comparisons. The program has been implemented by the Dubai Government Excellence Program of the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai.

    Dubai Municipality initiated the digital contract project to facilitate and digitize all of its transactions with suppliers to reduce the contract lifecycle, increase efficiency, increase compliance, reduce risk and provide full transparency. The project is a result of a long-term partnership with JAGGAER, which is a strategic partner of Dubai Municipality.

    Mohamed Mubarak Al Mutaiwee, who is the Executive Director of the Support Sector in Dubai Municipality and sponsor of the winning team, praised the team’s efforts and their endeavors to achieve victory. He said, “Winning the Seven Star rating continues the approach of innovation to enhance Dubai Municipality’s journey towards excellence.”

    Abdulla Ali Al Janahi, Chairman of JAGGAER, said: “We are extremely proud of this remarkable achievement by our long-term partners Dubai Municipality and we are proud to be a part of it. This is a true testament to Dubai Municipality’s efforts to align and keep pace with the Dubai Government Paperless Initiative 2021.

    “Our JAGGAER ONE platform supports the municipality with entering the digital phase of contracts for all stages to achieve a closed-loop process that drives on-contract purchasing. We have an ongoing commitment to providing the best level of support and services to enhance value for our customers.”


    About Dubai Municipality

    Dubai Municipality was founded in 1954 commencing its activities with a cadre of seven employees undertaking simple tasks to keep the city clean. The first decree establishing the Municipality was issued on February 28, 1957, whereby 23 municipal council members were appointed from the elders of the country and traders. It gave the Municipality specific powers, the most important of which was to take care of health and architectural affairs of the city as well as to organize construction and beautification of the city and provide constructive suggestions to the government.

    Dubai Municipality has developed significantly since then, evolving over the years and taking on multiple tasks. The Municipality grew in line with the expansion of the Emirates of Dubai, currently it has 11,000 employees working in 34 departments. It is one of the largest governmental institutions in terms of services rendered and projects executed. The municipality is a leading driver of growth and evolution of the Emirates of Dubai.


    About JAGGAER

    JAGGAER is leading the Autonomous Commerce revolution, a self-governing B2B commerce experience between buyers, suppliers, things (IoT) and partners. Over $500 billion worth of goods flow frictionlessly through our Enterprise Commerce Network every year. Leveraging AI and machine learning, our intelligent procurement solutions provide enterprise buyers and suppliers smart-match recommendations that align buyer needs with supplier capabilities. Our solutions autonomously execute many of the repetitive, behind-the-scenes tasks required to facilitate enterprise commerce. We are Networked, Intelligent, Comprehensive and Extensible. We are over 1,100 employees strong, all focused on customer success. For more information, visit www.jaggaer.com

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