JAGGAER’s 18.3 Puma Release Addresses Critical Business Need for Fast, Intelligent Search Driven Real-Time B2B Shopping Experience

JAGGAER’s 18.3 Puma Release Addresses Critical Business Need for Fast, Intelligent Search Driven Real-Time B2B Shopping Experience

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RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, N.C., November 6, 2018: – JAGGAER, the world’s largest independent spend management company, is releasing Puma 18.3, designed specifically for the business shopping user who demands fast, real-time access to goods and services, through a guided buying experience. Puma is tuned to the needs of the business buyer to expedite the search and purchase from any buying channel, through preferred or non-pre-designated suppliers. 18.3 features will be live on November 11, 2018.

JAGGAER developed these functions to provide users, in a host of vertical channels, the ability to source everything from simple notepads to more sophisticated restricted chemicals, quickly and with minimal input. This solution relies on progressive disclosure during the checkout phase of the process, with the power user functions in the background to provide an uncluttered experience for regular shoppers, who constitute the majority of users. This reduces training and support and gets users into the system faster. Additional features and functions for data warehousing and visualization, in JAGGAER’s Advanced Sourcing Optimizer, are also being released in 18.3.

“80% of users want to get in and out fast, and back to their day jobs. They want a solution that doesn’t tie them up with repetitive search exercises, is intelligent, and delivers results in real-time. Puma sports new features like progressive disclosure checkout and guided buying, accessible through a new user interface, and powers the capability of LivePrice Plus™, released in 18.2. Users will be able to source from a local catalog, punch-out or Group Purchasing Organization, with results returned in a single view. Our objective was to present the B2B user with an experience that rivaled the best-of-breed consumer shopping experiences,” says Zia Zahiri, CTO of JAGGAER.

Puma Release 18.3 includes:


  • User-Based Real-Time Recommendations: Reviews past orders favorites to expedite the search process.
  • New User Interface: Streamlines shopping & checkout, providing “two clicks and a buy” capability.
  • One-click Checkout: The vast majority of users in an eProcurement system have their default address, payment method and accounting codes assigned, requiring no additional action. In and out in under 10 seconds!
  • LivePrice Plus™: Reduces the headache of eProcurement punch-outs and simplifies the shopping experience by displaying punch-out pricing directly in search results. Users can see both hosted and punchout products integrated in the same search results. No need for users to hunt-and-peck by “punching in” and “punching out” of each supplier’s site to see if they sell the items the user is looking for or what the current contracted price is.
  • Intelligent Contract Management: Enhances obligations to support conditional contracts and direct integration with accounts payable to support milestone based contracts.
  • Global e-Invoicing: Provides the ability to acquire country-specific data, validated by TrustWeaver.

*Advanced Sourcing Optimizer updates in 18.3: Data Warehouse and Visualization module

  • Supplier management interface: Supplier management now linked with ASO; can add supplier directly to events on the fly.
  • In-event reporting: Flexible comparisons of multiple scenarios.
  • In-event reporting: Side-by-side comparisons of suppliers, between scenarios and across regions.
  • Cross event data exploration tool: Track trends in usage, pricing, and performance: View all data over time, allowing year to year performance tracking and month-to-month supplier comparisons.
  • Cross event data exploration tool: Fully customizable dashboard: Users can create interactive dashboards with flexible data visualization, to quickly display the exact desired information with real-time updates.

*In-event reporting will be available to ASO customers by default, while users can contact their Account Managers to enable the cross-event data exploration tool.




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