JAGGAER Advanced Sourcing Optimizer

Collect better bids and increase speed to savings with unmatched flexibility

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Drive better sourcing decisions, clearer oversight and faster cycle times with a full eSourcing solution.

Why JAGGAER For Advanced Sourcing Optimizer

Trusted by global organizations for strategic and dynamic sourcing.

Designed with your industry in mind

JAGGAER Advanced Sourcing Optimizer was built to help organizations tackle more complex spend categories. We’ve worked with companies across 3rd party logistics, retail, CPG, manufacturing and more that have experienced continuous cost savings in the following spend categories and initiatives:

Transportation Icon
Truckload to ocean and air freight, intermodal, small parcel, fleet, freight forwarding and more.
Packaging Icon
Cans and bottles to corrugates, film, labels and more.
Indirect Materials Icon
Indirect materials
MRO to technology, capital and leased equipment, construction materials and more.
Services Icon
Facility management to legal, consulting and advertising/marketing and more.
Direct Materials Icon
Direct materials
Chemicals to sugars/sweeteners, meat, colorants, steel, fasteners, solvents, casings, resins and more.
Sustainable Sourcing Icon
Sustainable Sourcing
Transportation fuel economies to recyclable materials, supplier green practices and/or ratings.

Support Throughout Your Entire Journey

Customer Focus and Innovative Approach Elevate the Role of Procurement at the Universit
Onboarding Support Icon
Onboarding Support
Reach your onboarding goals by working with a dedicated onboarding specialist to implement JAGGAER. Together, we’ll create a project plan for a successful rollout.
On-Demand Training Icon
On-Demand Training
Become familiar with specific functionality to create, support and evaluate advanced sourcing events. Take a deep dive into advanced features, eAuction Events, and other SRCOP administration and site management features.
Best Practices Center Icon
Best Practices Center
With a subscription to the Best Practices Center (BPC), teams can benefit from proven best practices consulting and strategic advice on topics such as configuration/implementation, supplier management, internal processes, communication, and analysis.
JAGGAER Certifications Icon
JAGGAER Certifications
Get certified as a configuration specialist or a certified administrator to become a subject matter expert for your organization.

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