I Need to Ensure Supplier Compliance 

In many sectors, compliance is a vital aspect for minimizing risk, sustaining profitability and operating in a regulated environment.

Working with suppliers


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Conducting due diligence and maintaining supply chain compliance is a complex and time-intensive process that is made even more difficult when there is a lack of actionable and accurate data, especially in environments where regulations change frequently and procurement resources are already stretched.

With the right technology, a procurement team can automatically monitor non-compliance issues and ensure that their organization follows industry, local, national and international regulations.

JAGGAER Supplier Management brings visibility and automation into the compliance process, making it easier for procurement teams to:


  • Maintain compliance with all relevant regulations, directives and guidelines
  • Manage supplier relationships and contracts to ensure suppliers are fulfilling compliance standards and performance metrics
  • Report on due diligence and compliance efforts to industry regulators, taxpayers, investors and government
  • Ensure suppliers are incentivized to improve performance and contribute to the organization’s quality standards, social responsibility, sustainability and diversity efforts
  • Weigh compliance considerations in sourcing decisions
  • Improve transparency across the entire procurement process and identify potential risks before they emerge
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Supplier Management houses all the data needed to ensure that suppliers have the right certifications and follows the right practices.

Track compliance concerns holistically and automatically get alerts of non-compliance issues across the procurement process.

JAGGAER is backed by a global team of experienced procurement and industry experts who help you address the supplier compliance and risk issues unique to your organization.

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