I Need to Achieve Spend Visibility

Spend visibility is the single most important lever procurement organizations  have to  drive better performance. 



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Provide information and analysis to support more effective resource deployment and more effective buying. Without spend analysis, your organization remains blind to opportunities to add value through better sourcing and procurement. Spend visibility technology supports:


  • A single record of all spend
  • Identification of spend not under management
  • Leverage of aggregated demand across commodities, businesses, counties, regions and facility locations
  • Spend segmentation
  • Supplier rationalization and consolidation
  • Savings opportunity identification
  • Contract compliance enforcement
  • Maverick spend reduction
  • Budget compliance

According to the Aberdeen Group, “Enterprises using spend analysis tools have been able to achieve 5% -20% cost savings for each new dollar of spend under management.”

JAGGAER Spend Analytics brings immediate value to procurement organizations.

Spend Matters stated, “JAGGAER is one of the most customer-centric vendors operating in the procurement sector today, bringing particular depth across spend analysis, sourcing (both for basic and advanced approaches), and the supplier performance management / supplier management solution area. ”

What is spend analysis?

Discover how JAGGAER can improve your spend visibility to drive value not just internally, but also externally with suppliers.

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