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Who doesn’t love free? Put the JAGGAER Supplier Network to work for your business. The best part? You have access to the following free of charge:

  • Dedicated Supplier Portal to access the JAGGAER Supplier Network
    Supplier getting set up and enabled
  • Hands-on training
  • Full-service supplier support located in our JAGGAER headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC.

Have any questions or need assistance? Our Supplier Integrations and Support teams are always there to help ensure your success.

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Become a Supplier

The JAGGAER Supplier Network is an expansive, open community of suppliers contained within one centralized portal providing a single venue for vendor discovery by JAGGAER customers and for suppliers to manage their interactions with JAGGAER customers.

Being a supplier on the JAGGAER Supplier Network empowers you to manage your own data and grants you exposure to JAGGAER’s broad customer base and potential new business. We do not charge any fees for suppliers to participate, and once you register, you will gain access to your Supplier Portal which offers:

  • A profile and network listing that is searchable by over one million procurement and sourcing users
  • Access support personnel and training materials
  • The ability to review and action notifications or communications received from customers
  • The ability to create and manage an unlimited number of users and roles for your employees
  • And more…

Join the community today by clicking below and creating your JAGGAER Supplier Network account and Profile.

Enable your catalog content

Getting the most out of an eProcurement solution starts with the connection of supplier catalog content into a shopping environment so that buyers can search for and place orders for what they need, when they need it. We have extensive experience enabling suppliers and their content and electronic integrations to customer eProcurement environments. This includes both large and small vendors from around the world to fit the needs of our diverse customer base, which demands the availability of more suppliers each day. To support that growing demand, the JAGGAER Supplier Integrations team employs proven, agile methodology resulting in a streamlined supplier enablement process that rapidly connects buyers to the suppliers required for their organization’s daily purchasing needs.

There are two ways to become an enabled supplier:

  1. A JAGGAER customer must submit an Enablement Request to integrate with you.
    JAGGAER customers are able to invite suppliers to register themselves, making supplier onboarding painless. Once a supplier is invited, they can establish and maintain a supplier profile on JAGGAER’s Supplier Network. When a customer decides they want to enable a supplier’s content in their shopping environment, the JAGGAER supplier enablement process will begin and will be managed by the JAGGAER Supplier Integrations Team.
  2. Participate in the Science Catalog.
    As a supplier, the JAGGAER Science Catalog provides visibility of your products to more than 200 large institutional buying organizations and offers the potential to generate significant sales each year at no cost. In addition, we will provide you with a Supplier Portal to access the JAGGAER Supplier Network. This will allow you extensive functionality that can be used to readily maintain your hosted catalog.

As our customers have high standards of quality and accuracy for their suppliers, to become a Science Catalog Supplier you must meet the following standards:

  • Sell scientific products
  • Offer 10,000 SKUs or less
  • Maintain up to date content and pricing on a regular basis
  • Honor pricing that has been loaded to the JAGGAER system at all times

If you meet these requirements, simply click the Become a Science Catalog Supplier button and complete the form. Someone from our support organization will follow up with you soon.

If your company is not currently enabled for any JAGGAER customer, you can still obtain a free profile on the JAGGAER Supplier Network by completing a profile here.

What is the Supplier Integrations team?

The Supplier Integrations team is dedicated to helping our customers integrate with the key suppliers they do business with. Our resources are specialized in the area of supplier enablement and have a solid understanding of both the technical and business processes required to successfully integrate catalog, purchase order and invoicing transactions. The team includes a Manager, Supplier Relationship Manager, Team Lead and dedicated Supplier Enablement Project Managers.