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    The Hackett Group: 2024 Procurement Agenda and Key Issues Study

    What Does Your 2024 – 2025 Agenda Look Like?

    If it seems like the current economy is making your procurement teams work harder, you’re not alone.

    As we cruise through 2024, procurement teams have been focusing on spend cost reduction, ensuring supply continuity, and combating inflationary price increases. But expectations suggest the procurement workload will continue to increase through the year, with only modest increases in staff and operating budgets.

    Dynamic market conditions, increased priorities, and access to new AI solutions make 2024 a year of change for procurement leaders across organizations. In fact, generative AI is already being explored by modern teams, particularly in spend analytics and contract lifecycle management to increase efficiency while decreasing risk.

    To stay ahead, procurement professionals need a clear roadmap and insights from peers. Find out what other global Executives are focusing on and how they plan to accomplish their goals in the 2024 Hackett Group CPO Key Issues Study.

    Download this free report from The Hackett Group and learn:

    • The top 10 priorities for procurement functions in 2024
    • What you need to do to accomplish your business goals
    • The 10 most critical actions and investments for procurement leaders going into 2025
    • The current state of Generative AI investments and implementations

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