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    Spend Matters on Autonomous Commerce: “Framing the Need”

    Dramatic Shifts in Procurement and Supply Chains Around the World Show Why Old Business Processes Need to Evolve

    In recent years, the state of global supply chains has been affected by unprecedented events such COVID-19, geopolitical pressures, a decrease in the movement of ocean freight, inflation, among many others. With these changes in the supply market, procurement organizations need to know how to:

    • Incorporate real-time information into their strategic decision making in sourcing and contracting to preserve margins for future quarters as well as how to integrate.
    • Automate routine decision making to allow category managers and other team members to focus their efforts entirely on strategic decision making.

    Spend Matters has published the white paper Autonomous Commerce: “Framing the Need” which offers insights to the challenges procurement organizations face today and how autonomous commerce relieves those pain points.

    Complete the form to access this complimentary white paper today and learn how procurement teams at all levels can leverage technology and data that adapts to global supply chain disruptions and challenges.

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