Data Privacy and Control

JAGGAER gives you complete control over who sees your data when. Easy to use tools and clear language make it clear how your information is stored and used.


Complete Data Control

Protecting Your Information

Global Security Programs

Our security team has a comprehensive program focused on information security, software security and security operations that are dedicated to keeping your information private and secure.


The numerous certifications and standards earned by JAGGAER across our global operations demonstrate JAGGAER’s commitment to the protection of personal data. This includes the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for security standards and the American Institute of Public Accountants (AICPA) Service Organization Controls (SOC) 1 and SOC 2.

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Clear Privacy Policy

User-Focused Approach

Our approach to privacy is focused on helping you make informed decisions about your personal information. That’s why we’ve developed a clear, easy to understand privacy policy detailing who can access your information and why.

Easy to Understand

Don’t spend time reading through pages and pages of complicated jargon. We make our policies clear and easy to read. And when we do collect your information, access is limited to JAGGAER employees whose access is necessary to do their job.

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GDPR, CCPA and Other Privacy Laws

Full Compliance

All our procedures meet the meticulous guidelines of the EU General Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Privacy Act. These procedures form the core of our privacy compliance program for compliance with all additional laws.

Full Transparency

We respect your personal information and we’re clear with how we use it. Exercise your rights to know, access and delete your information.

Exercise Your Rights

EU Data Transfers

Transfer Regulation

JAGGAER relies on EU Standard Contractual Clauses to regulate the collection, use and retention of personal information transferred to the U.S. from the European Union and Switzerland

Have Confidence

Ensure that any data transferred between the U.S. and the EU or Switzerland complies fully with data protection requirements, giving you confidence that JAGGAER manages your information in compliance with the law.

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