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List of Sub-processors

JAGGAER conducts the majority of its data processing activities to provide software applications and services to its valued customers. However, JAGGAER also engages third-party service providers to offer additional software functionalities and services. All service providers are extensively vetted and, if they may access customer personal data while performing their services, they are required to undergo a security assessment and sign a Data Processing Addendum. This helps ensure that the service providers are protecting and managing any personal data they access in compliance with (i) JAGGAER’s privacy and security standards, (ii) requirements set forth in customer agreements and (iii) all applicable data privacy laws, including GDPR.

JAGGAER relies on the EU Standard Contractual Clauses (EU SCCs) and, where applicable the UK Addendum to the EU SCCs, as the personal data transfer mechanism. The EU SCCs are incorporated in the JAGGAER standard Data Processing Addendum to the Main Agreement, as well as in the Intercompany Data Processing Addendum signed with the JAGGAER Affiliates. The EU SCCs are applicable to all personal data transfers made to the sub-processors operating in Third Countries.

The list below is a general list of JAGGAER Sub-processors, engagement of the specific sub-processor depends on the scope of JAGGAER’s service used by each customer.




Purpose of Processing

1. Abbyy

United States

Add-on functionality (“Digital Capture”) that enables automated capture and extraction of invoice data from paper and PDF invoices

2. Adobe Document Cloud

United States

Electronic signature for documents processed within the indirect procurement software applications

3. Aha!

United States

Optional – Hosting of JAGGAER Engage
NOTE: JAGGAER Engage is a forum for our customers to submit their feature requests for how we can enhance our solutions. Customers who already have modules/products live with JAGGAER, and have access to the Customer Support Portal, can choose to access Engage. Only selected users at each customer will have access to the Support Portal and by proxy Engage – they will act as champions submitting requests on behalf of themselves and their company.

4. Amazon Web Services

United States / Germany / Ireland

Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) and platform as a service (PAAS)
NOTE: For EU based Clients, data is processed in Germany Ireland

5. Concord Fax Service

United States

Add-on feature providing a fax service to distribute purchase orders from customer to supplier within the indirect procurement software applications

6. DocuSign

United States / Europe

Electronic signature for documents processed by JAGGAER Contracts/Contracts+

7. EdgeVerve


Add-on functionality for contracts risk analysis or robotic process automation.
Not applicable to new Clients.

8. EDM Americas, Inc.

United States

Digital mailroom service

9. Google

United States / Europe

Provider of the DialogFlow service used to process JAGGAER Assistant (if used) interactions and provider of the reCAPTCHA service.
NOTE: Google does not store any personal data.
Personal data involved in the JGR Assistant process are not stored by Google. JAGGAER is using DialogFlow in the way that no Customer’s confidential or personal data is being shared by default with Google. DialogFlow is able to see only the search/intents/queries put by Service User in the JAGGAER Assistant, like for example “Show me the running RFQs”.
Logs containing personal data (names, usernames etc.) are being stored in JAGGAER system and not accessible to Google.

10. Interfax Fax Service

United States

Add-on feature providing a fax service to distribute purchase orders from customer to supplier within the indirect procurement software applications

11. Kinamu


SAP services and outsourcing.
Personal data involved is limited to data that could be contained in Customers transactional documentation.

12. Navigant Cymetrix Corporation


Spend radar and spend implementation support and monthly refresh support

13. Pendo

United States

Optional – Usage analysis of the JAGGAER Applications to improve functionality and usability of our product.
NOTE: Data is not stored by Pendo.

14. Qlikview


Business intelligence for direct procurement software applications.
NOTE: Customer personal data involved: Customer name, title, phone number, email, and log-in credentials.
Documents that may contain personal data: Master Data (Supplier, Materials, Payment Terms, Incoterms (terms of delivery), etc.), customer transactional documentation.

15. Salesforce.com

United States

Support portal ticketing system and Tableau reporting feature
NOTE: Personal data involved are full name, contact details (business email address, business phone number/mobile phone number), user ID in salesforce. If support is contacted via email ticket will contain personal data provided in the email (e.g., job title). Tableau feature is used to make and visualize different reports from platform usage to Client, using data which is already processed in the course of using the service i.e. , no additional personal data is required and processed.

16. Smartsheet

United States

Project management tool for professional services engagements.
NOTE: This is limited customers PII related to the project planning. (such as person’s name, job title, company)

17. SnowFlake

United States / Europe

Cloud-based data warehouse.
NOTE: For EU based Clients data is processed in Europe.

18. SovosTrustweaver


Digital signing and archiving of PDF invoices in Procure-to-Pay

19. TealBook


Optional – Supplier management Integration (Supplier risk, Diversity, General Supplier Information), providing an enriched data set for Clients.
NOTE: Personal data involved are mainly limited to: full name, job title, place of employment, business contact details.

20. 8×8

United States / Global

Communication Platform, which is used for the Technical Support calls, real-time analytics to improve productivity and customer experience.
NOTE: Customer support calls are recorded. Personal data involved are mainly limited to: Full name, job title, place of employment, business phone number. Call recordings are stored for 40 days with 8×8 on AWS – US, if Clients needs longer retention period data is transferred to JAGGAER and stored on JAGGAER system.


The following JAGGAER affiliates provide different services and support, including technical infrastructure, IT-facility management, software maintenance, systems maintenance, corporate services, global support services, etc. In doing so, these JAGGAER affiliates may process customer personal data in accordance with JAGGAER policies

JAGGAER Entities


Purpose of Processing

BravoSolution S.p.A.


Technical infrastructure for JAGGAER Advantage, support services


United States

Technical infrastructure for direct procurement software platform, software maintenance, systems maintenance and corporate services

Jaggaer Austria GmbH


Support services, technical infrastructure for direct procurement software platform

Jaggaer Deutschland GmbH


Corporate office

BravoSolution France S.A.S.


Global support and technical services

BravoSolution S.p.A.


BravoSolution Mexico S.r.l. de C.V.




JAGGAER Asia Pacific Pte Ltd.


BravoSolution España S.A.


Tejari Solution FZ-LLC

Dubai, UAE

BravoSolution UK Limited

United Kingdom

BravoSolution APAC Pty. Ltd.


Corporate office

BravoSolution China Co. Ltd.


Corporate office

BravoSolution Nordics OY


Corporate office

BravoSolution Benelux B.V.

The Netherlands

Corporate office

Docskiff, Inc

United States

Corporate office

Docskiff India Private Limited


Global support and technical services for Contracts AI

Jaggaer Arabia for Information Technology

Saudi Arabia

Corporate office

Need to Request More Information about a Sub-processor?

Please contact the JAGGAER Privacy team at privacy@jaggaer.com to request additional information about our third-party sub-processors.

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