End-to-End Security

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Keeping your information secure from unauthorized third parties is more important than ever. JAGGAER is engineered with security at the forefront, keeping your information safe.

Security at Every Stage

Best Practices at Every Step

Security in Our DNA

We ensure our products, processes and infrastructure are designed with security as the priority and built on industry frameworks, such as the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Our global security organization performs extensive monitoring and we run extensive 3rd party testing and practice secure development techniques to ensure we’re safe 24/7.

Worry-Free Security

Take away the burden of securing on-premises data storage and trust JAGGAER’s expertise instead. Our best practices keep you safe, decreasing the risk to your business.

Hosting Security

Protected Hosting

JAGGAER partners with Amazon Web Services and tier 3 or equivalent co-location datacenters to ensure the highest standards in cloud security. Your information is securely stored and segregated in our single and multi-tenant environments with JAGGAER personnel and trusted third parties directly responsible for configuring and managing all software and hardware. Our full platform is designed with security options available to you. We control third party access and you can control access to your information.

Data Redundancy

With complete cloud security, you can be confident that your information is safe from internal and external threats and from accidental system failures. Assure your information’s safety with redundancy and encryption.

Application Security

Encryption and Regular Updates

We take the security of our application seriously. That’s why we have a team dedicated to identifying and addressing any vulnerabilities that arise. It’s also why we have best-in-class processes for encryption and key management. We make regular updates to our platform to keep our security fully up to the latest standards.

Constant Protection

Keep your information safe. With top-class application security, you’re always up to date and protected against the latest cyberthreats. Keep your organization moving and free from security concerns.

External Audits, Attestations and Certifications


The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) has established Service Organization Controls (SOC) reporting options for service organizations. JAGGAER has undergone examinations for both SOC 1 and 2 to evaluate our financial reporting controls and security, availability and confidentiality.

ISO Details

JAGGAER has several certifications from the International Organization for Standardization. These ISO certifications reflect JAGGAER’s performance in information security, personally identifiable information management, quality management, anti-bribery and more.

View and download all JAGGAER’s certifications and reports

JAGGAER is highly committed to protecting our customers and their information. We continuously work to strengthen our platform’s security. If you have a security concern or would like to report a possible vulnerability, please do so here.