JAGGAER INDIRECT 18.1: Powerful Tracking and Organizational Tools

JAGGAER offers an alternative to spend management chaos with the release of Panther: 18.1. 18.1 reflects input from users across multiple industries and organizations and provides multi-layered organizational capabilities. The Panther release arranges all spend elements into logical and accessible categories, culminating in advanced project based procurement. Panther introduces grace and agility, and the ability to efficiently hunt and capture data while manipulating a complicated jungle of information.

18.1 Snapshot

Tri-Dimensional Workflow

  • Collaborative Contract Curation: The journey begins with expanded support to manage contract negotiations on the go with embedded email and mobile workflow support. Both parties can mark up and attach contracts in Microsoft Word, and these are captured and logged in the system for comparison and version tracking.

  • Receipt Based Invoicing: Panther makes manual reconciliation of POs and Receipts a thing of the past with Receipt Based Invoicing. Invoices are automatically matched with receipt information, drawing down raw materials purchases as they are received, ensuring the accuracy and proper payment of invoices.

  • Dynamic Invoice Processing: Panther improves your management of tail spend with tools designed to provide a lightweight tracking and processing capability for a wide array of short-term and one-off purchases. This email-driven procurement process helps to capture such purchases within JAGGAER’s integrated eProcurement system, granting total visibility into all spending, no matter how large.

  • Project Based Procurement: Panther helps procurement teams improve compliance and budget tracking for large capital projects with Project Based Procurement. PBP works seamlessly with Panther’s workflow solutions to create the ultimate trackable, accessible spend management process. PBP enables easy access to all the resources needed for a given project, which helps to ensure projects are completed on plan and with total control and visibility of all project-related expenses.


Since the acquisition of JAGGAER Advantage, JAGGAER has already begun the process of creating a single, integrated platform to provide best-of-breed point solutions across the combined suite. Beginning in April customers will have seamless access to both JAGGAER Indirect and JAGGAER Advantage tools using single sign-on (SSO), allowing users to move easily between modules in each platform.