JAGGAER Unveils “Digital Mind” Strategy with the Introduction of New Adopt, Assist and Advise Solutions

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Embedded intelligence, predictive analytics, and real-time user guidance improve strategic decision making, procurement efficiency, risk reduction and customer success

Research Triangle, NC, April 13, 2021 – JAGGAER today announces the launch of its “Digital Mind” strategy to boost customer success in the adoption and use of its source-to-settle JAGGAER ONE platform. JAGGAER Digital Mind is a core set of advanced technologies that incorporates prescriptive and predictive analytics, machine learning, natural language processing and other innovative capabilities to deliver solutions and capabilities across the JAGGAER ONE platform. Collectively, these solutions will boost organizations’ return on investment (ROI) in the digital transformation of procurement.

As part of the JAGGAER 21.1 release, the company has launched three unique solutions: JAGGAER Adopt, Assist, and Advise. Each leverages the capabilities of the JAGGAER Digital Mind to provide companies and their users with more insights, contextual guidance, decision support, and automation to improve adoption and use of the JAGGAER ONE platform.

JAGGAER CEO Jim Bureau said, “Our company’s focus is 100% on customer success. We have developed the most advanced solution suite in procurement technology. We want to go beyond that to empower users on every step of their journey, by providing them with more intelligence on all aspects of their spending and delivering more strategic outcomes throughout their digital transformation. This is the promise behind Digital Mind.”

JAGGAER Adopt increases the success and ROI of a procurement organization’s digital transformation by giving 360o visibility into user adoption, feature utilization, and compliance with company-defined processes, coupled with guided help, training, tips and tutorials to improve skills and increase user performance exactly where and when the user needs it. The solution also gives procurement management teams the tools they need to track user adoption, efficiency, effectiveness, and KPIs to understand usage levels, so that they can focus on refining and improving their systems and processes.

“With this insight, our customers can better understand how their organizations are using JAGGAER every day and identify areas where users might need more training or guidance on company procurement processes and the capabilities available for users. This will bring a range of benefits such as increased compliance, faster adoption, and higher utilization,” said Greg Holt, Director of Product Marketing, JAGGAER.

JAGGAER Assist makes it easier to ensure that investments in procurement digital transformation deliver maximum return on investment through efficiency, consistency, and user confidence. An intelligent virtual assistant, JAGGAER Assist, helps users find specific information or reports, provides real-time support and guidance to complete tasks, and even takes on some tasks on behalf of the user.

“Research shows that you pick up 70% of knowledge at the workplace, 20% via social learning and just 10% via formal learning and training. For this reason, many companies are relying more on ‘learning on demand’ and performance support to improve the efficiency of their users,” Holt said. “And this is precisely the thinking behind JAGGAER Assist, which uses natural, conversational language to answer users’ queries, provide guidance on next steps, find the data they need in real-time, or start a new task  at the moment of need.”

JAGGAER Advise enables users to be more proactive in recognizing areas of improvement and mitigating challenging situations such as supplier risk. “Leveraging a combination of advanced predictive analytics, machine learning, and customer-specific business rules, JAGGAER Advise enables procurement professionals to identify steps that could improve performance or results and take corrective action on behalf of users. The software provides data-driven actionable insights and recommends next steps to mitigate the risk of supply disruptions, supplier qualification and performance issues, and underperforming sourcing events,” said Amenallah Reghimi, VP Product Management, who has led the development of JAGGAER Adopt, Assist and Advise.


Read more about JAGGAER’s Digital Mind here.



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