Digital Mind for JAGGAER ONE

Deliver embedded procurement intelligence for your strategic decision making

JAGGAER Implementation Methodology - Lightbulb with a brain in it

We’ve prioritized innovation across the JAGGAER ONE platform via the Digital Mind, a collection of advanced data analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that deliver embedded intelligence to your procurement team through modernized software tools.

Areas of Innovation

Our core focus on customer success means more than delivering the best solution capabilities and services in the market. It means a constant drive to deliver innovation through the development and implementation of emerging technologies that transform the role and impact of procurement.

The JAGGAER Digital Mind is focused on freeing customers from the mundane, providing deeper data for better decision making, predicting and mitigating risk, sharing skills and knowledge, and facilitating collaborations with stakeholders and suppliers by integrating modern technology within our all-in-one procurement platform.

People beg us to get training so they can get into the system and start using it.
Maricel Mustion Strategic Sourcing Manager
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To keep your business at the front of the pack, you need a procurement software partner on the cutting edge of technology. With the JAGGAER ONE Digital Mind, we are prioritizing procurement innovation so that all our customers can excel not just today, but as procurement continues to evolve.

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