I Need to Improve Supplier Relationships

Collaborative supplier management enables all parties in the procurement process to work together for the best possible outcomes.

Diversity in your suppliers


working together

The benefits of improved supplier relationships include:


  • Procurement can make more informed, collaborative and faster supply decisions
  • Buyers and suppliers work collaboratively to eliminate inefficiencies and costs
  • Suppliers are enabled to innovate on the buyer’s behalf to find creative solutions to product challenges
  • Suppliers are more transparent with operations, providing procurement with needed visibility
  • Suppliers are incentivized to improve performance and compliance
  • Procurement limits its exposure to supply disruptions by having a collaborative risk management plan in place with key suppliers

To improve supplier relationships, procurement needs to achieve both a solid and holistic understanding of the supply base and to ensure that its supplier decisions align with the organization’s strategic plan.

JAGGAER Supplier Management enables organizations to identify and develop relationships with strategic procurement partners while providing the tools to foster collaborative supplier relationships.

Go beyond basic supplier scorecards to provide supplier management professionals with an actionable tool for segmenting and managing suppliers and business partners based on value, performance, risk, compliance requirements and future development.

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