I Need to Mitigate Risk

In procurement, ignorance is not bliss

What is spend analysis?


Procurement teams with mature risk management capabilities, strong supplier relationships and visibility across the supply chain are far more resilient to disruptions than reactive organizations.

The reality of today’s global and interconnected marketplace is that procurement faces constant threats that may have serious impacts on performance.

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly put many procurement organizations to the test.

JAGGAER ONE enables procurement teams to stay one step ahead of risk and uncertainty and take immediate remedial action. With JAGGAER ONE, procurement teams can:

  • Proactively manage suppliers and identify risk with real-time, actionable supply chain insights
  • Build stronger supplier relationships and risk management strategies to counter disruptions as soon as they occur
  • Expand or localize supplier networks to reduce geographic and supplier-centric risk
  • Improve transparency across the entire supply chain to identify potential risks before they hit
  • Manage suppliers and contracts to ensure key performance metrics are fulfilled
  • Maintain compliance with all industry and government regulations

By leveraging JAGGAER ONE solutions, your procurement team can integrate suppliers’ lifetime value throughout the entire process, from source to contract.

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JAGGAER & Hackett Group - Risk Management Performance Study

Download a free copy of The Hackett Group’s 2022 3rd Party Risk Management Performance Study to take with you or to share with colleagues.

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