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Supplier Management through Online Chat

Whatever your business needs and priorities across the source-to-pay spectrum, JAGGAER is passionate about delivering solutions and value.  

What do you need to do to go to the next level? 

Savings Bank

Reduce costs: 

Strategic procurement teams who are tasked to drive down costs rely on JAGGAER to capture and realize savings.

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Mitigate risk:

JAGGAER empowers you with an actionable 360o view of risk in the supply chain.
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What is spend analysis?
hand touching icon of increasing bar graph showing profit

Drive profitability & add value: 

Best-in-class procurement teams don’t just reduce costs. They also drive sustainable profitability and add value.

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Achieve spend visibility: 

JAGGAER helps procurement organizations to drive better performance by providing the information and analysis needed to support more effective resource deployment and more effective buying.

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Diversity in your suppliers

Improve supplier relationships: 

JAGGAER provides a framework for managing suppliers holistically to achieve strong collaborative partnerships.
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Ensure supplier compliance: 

JAGGAER helps you to simplify and automate the time-consuming process of conducting due diligence and maintaining supply chain compliance.
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Working with suppliers

Optimize sourcing:

JAGGAER covers all kinds of sourcing events, from the most routine to the most complex categories to secure better value for both buyers and sellers.

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We know, this list is not exhaustive! So, if you have other business challenges you’d like to talk about, please get in touch with us.