What We Provide for Our Stakeholders

Wherever you sit within, beside or on top of the source to pay value chain, JAGGAER solutions help you to achieve your objectives.

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Empowering Chief Procurement Officers:

Orchestrating supply and demand, driving better supplier behavior, and allowing you to optimize project scheduling, activities and results.

Flexibility for Chief Information Officers:

Automatically responding to your investment needs while giving system administrators the ability to reclassify data whenever necessary with minimum interaction, integrating seamlessly with your existing ERP systems, with consistent protocols and security.


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Supplier management for next level sourcing
Savings Organisation

Return on investment for Chief Financial Officers:

JAGGAER drives savings to your organization’s bottom line while reducing admin costs for a more sustainable business model.

Insight for Category Managers:

Enabling you to understand the market dynamics of different categories and how best to channel your efforts.

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Every research organization should be using a solution like JAGGAER. It should be a standard approach to procurement across the industry.
Vicki Blankenship Manager, Procurement Services
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Visibility for Sourcing Professionals:

Making critical supplier information visible during the sourcing process and giving you control and flexibility in your sourcing events.

Collaboration Between Buyers, Suppliers & Partners:

Automatically capturing supplier information for streamlined approval and onboarding processes with visibility of information and tasks.

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JLL's procurement digital transformation
Our customers are looking for a clear value-add and technology plays a fundamental role, first in creating value for them, and then demonstrating that we are delivering value. Without the right technology, this is less visible.
David McBride Transformation & Strategy Director, JLL
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Transparency for Supply Chain Analysts:

Providing access to clean, current and accurate data to support better decision making.

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Accountability for Vendor Managers:

Communicating expectations and results, visibility into supplier KPIs, management of development and improvement activities.

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JAGGAER offers a complete and problem-free connection with SAP, which is something that is not guaranteed with other providers. SAP remains our primary system, so an option that offered full integration with SAP was our highest priority.
Herbert Fischer Procurement Manager
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Simplicity of Execution for Buyers and Suppliers:

Streamlining your end-to-end selling and buying processes and allowing you to manage everything from contracts to payments all in one place.

Data-driven Decision Making for Spend Analysts:

Making real-time future buying decisions with analysis and insights into company-wide spending.

Spend Analytics