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    Go Beyond Cost Reduction to Create More Value

    Cost savings. Risk mitigation. Sustainable procurement initiatives. Enhance all your business practices on one source-to-pay platform.

    Optimize your Procurement Teams and do more with less

    The JAGGAER One platform powers your procurement processes to deliver far more than cost savings. Harness sophisticated supplier intelligence and advanced digital tools to shape an agile, resilient supply chain that impacts on quality, innovation, risk-mitigation and sustainability goals. Unite people, planet, and profit together in one source to pay (S2P) solution. With JAGGAER One you gain access to:

    • Greater supplier diversity to improve quality, supply continuity and progress on your environmental social and governance (ESG) strategy.
    • Powerful spend analysis to create efficiencies and improvement in your source to pay process.
    • Advanced contract management tools to guarantee compliance and high performance.
      Increase your environment and social impact, improve supply chain resilience, exceed stakeholder expectations, and turn your your procurement spend into a value-added force.



    Process efficiency gains through full deployment of digital tools


    Supplier adoption of elnvoicing for reliable compliance

    in savings captured by JAGGAER­ built TER (Tender Evaluation Report).

    Our decision to take a new approach, while using proven systems and technologies, will enable the state to accomplish more with its resources and free employees from time­ consuming administrative work. That’s a win for everyone!

    Gina Tiedemann
    Deputy Commissioner, Operations
    Georgia Department of Administrative Services

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