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    The Importance of Tail Spend: How to Tackle It!

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    Tail spend issues are quite common in almost any medium-sized, or large health care organization. Most hospitals really struggle “to value” this issue and the opportunity it presents, however. The reason for this phenomenon is fairly straightforward: tail spend (often 10% – 20% of the company spend) is hard to visualize, because of the absence of qualitative spend data. When tackling the tail spend problem, a company should really change its tactics.

    How can you tackle this and what does this mean for you?

    Watch now our webinar with Spot Buy Center’s Managing Partner, Philippe Van Loock, Ebel Advisory‘s Managing Partner, Emmanual Bernoux, JAGGAER ’s Managing Director Benelux, Ninke Tewarie, on the challenges in tail spend across health care and how to address these with the latest innovations/solutions in procurement.

    Tune into the on-demand webinar and learn:

    • Why tail spend is important
    • What are the symptoms of tail spend
    • The value of having a tail spend solution integrated in your source-to-pay suite
    • How P2P and tail spend solutions are helping leaders in health care today

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