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    Fireside Chat: Building a Sustainable Supply Chain

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    As the threats of the climate crisis become ever more real, the onus is on businesses to future-proof their operations through effective engagement with the supply chain. From collaborative initiatives to spur collective action, through to thorough analysis of our supplier management processes – now is the time for procurement leaders to accelerate change and further prove procurement as a value driving function.

    However, this can’t be done without effective processes and systems in place. But where do you start? How can you strengthen your supplier management strategy and mitigate risk if you don’t have full visibility and transparency of your supply chain? How do you prioritise ESG initiatives in your procurement strategy at a time when sourcing challenges are so prevalent?

    Watch this fireside chat where as part of a wider event, we tackle these questions and find new ways to move from risk to resilience by championing sustainability, increasing transparency and engaging more effectively with suppliers.

    Meet the Speakers

    Shazia Hussenbux, Oatly

    Shazia Hussenbux, Global Sustainable Sourcing Lead, Oatly

    Originally from Mauritius, and based in Sweden, Shazia has been working with corporate sustainability in and within different industries for the last 10 years. She has found her true calling wihtin sustainable procurement and sustainable supply chains and is now on a mission to help peers embark on their sustianable procurement and supply chain journey.

    Justin Sadler-Smith

    Justin Sadler-Smith, SVP Northern Europe, JAGGAER

    Justin Sadler-Smith is a procurement technology innovator who is rather keen on helping procurement functions deliver real and sustainable value. With a sharp focus on ROI and evolving the strategic role of procurement in driving ethical and sustainable supply chains, Justin brings together his 20+ years of experience in supply chain and procurement technology across multiple industries, business sizes and maturity.

    Laure Hellin, Senior Business Consultant, BearingPoint

    Laure Hellin is a Senior Business Consultant at BearingPoint, specialized in sourcing & procurement and sustainable supply chains. She is an early joiner of the Sustainable Procurement Pledge and supports procurement organizations in their journey towards sustainable purchasing.

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