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    Where We Stand: The State of Procurement Progress

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    How does your organization measure up?

    Procurement is on a slow and steady progression from operational function to strategic. While the impacts of COVID-19 may have slowed some of this progress – forcing teams to focus on weathering the storm – the trend is clear.

    Top procurement organizations are evolving faster than ever, yet only 7% of procurement organizations are seeing a 5% or greater reduction in costs. In fact, the average procurement performance has decreased about 15% since 2016. The result is a top tier of organizations moving further ahead, and the rest of the pack falling further behind. Procurement evolution has established a new standard of performance, and if you aren’t working toward digitalization now, you’ll soon find yourself in trouble.

    JAGGAER and IPG Group teamed up to survey 290 procurement professionals on their performance against internal and external benchmarks of procurement excellence. Now, we’re presenting the results of this survey in a free, exclusive webinar.

    Join JAGGAER’s Michael Roesch, SVP Customer Engagement, EMEA, TALENT-Net’s Axel Butterweck, Managing Director, and IPG Group founder and CEO Carsten Vollrath for a full presentation of our survey results, from digital transformation to personnel management.

    In this one-hour presentation, you’ll learn:

    • How procurement benchmarks have shifted since 2016
    • Where today’s leaders are leveraging cutting edge technology
    • Where your organization’s maturity stands
    • Why procurement excellence can’t be achieved by tools alone
    • What path you need to follow to achieve digital procurement

    Watch Where We Stand: The State of Procurement Progress to get a clear outlook on your next steps to push your organization forward.

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