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    On-Demand Webinar

    Signify: Real-time risk monitoring for a new era

    Real-time risk monitoring for a new era

    Europe is in crisis. Energy prices are soaring, the economy is buckling, and climate change is accelerating at an alarming rate. Geopolitical tensions remain a critical factor for supply chains. Organizations are facing a lot of challenges and unforeseen disruptions have globally put even more pressure on Procurement teams, challenging them to react faster.

    Signify, the world leader in lighting products, systems and services, is relying on technology as a backbone to stay ahead of the competition.

    Tune in this On-Demand Webinar to discover how Signify makes the switch to a resilient supply chain, including:

    • What brought Signify to develop the strategy for moving towards digital tools to support the procurement processes
    • How Signify ensured adoption, collaboration, and commitment of the global purchasing team while launching digital tools and new processes
    • Why combining source-to-pay and supply chain risk management solutions is critical for Signify
    • How Signify switches off sustainability risks in their supply chain

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