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    Digging Deep into Supplier Reliability: Risk Data and Predictive Analytics

    Are you confident in your risk analysis data?

    More than ever, sourcing and procurement teams are digging deep into their suppliers’ history, performance and projections to make sure their supply chains are reliable. As so many goods and services remain tough to source on the tail end of the pandemic, you need to know your suppliers will come through for you.

    Join our panel of industry experts:

    • Graeme Wiggins, Principal Product Manager, JAGGAER
    • Chris Sawchuk, Principal, Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group
    • Matthew York, Sr. Solutions Marketing Manager, NA, riskmethods
    • Eric Evans, Managing Director, Business Development, RapidRatings

    Get essential insights!

    Our speakers walk through what today’s definition of supplier risk really is (and how the past 18 months have shaped it), what financial, performance and other data you should be using to assess your risk, and how to start thinking proactively to predict future supplier performance. Get a complete picture of what’s happening in the market and how you can stay ahead of the pack.

    In this 60-minute round table, you’ll learn:

    • Why risk management is a popular topic in today’s markets
    • What areas of risk you should be taking into account
    • How to leverage data to minimize risk in your supply chain

    Join us for Digging Deep Into Supplier Reliability: Risk Data and Predictive Analytics. Watch today!

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