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    How Angelini Drives Innovation Through Procurement

    How an optimized procurement strategy ensures success for globally networked pharmaceutical companies

    The procurement teams of pharmaceutical companies are facing ongoing specific challenges and life has not become easier in 2020.

    Due to their rules and regulations, pharmaceutical companies often find it difficult to make progress with digitization, even if it leads to supply chain optimization and savings. However, the lessons learned from the Corona crisis mean that these modernisations are gaining in importance and are now on the companies’ roadmap.

    Watch our webinar to hear best practices from Angelini, an Italian-based pharmaceutical company. Find out how you can use the digitalization of procurement to prepare your company for future challenges, align departments across the organization and create value through innovation. This 45-minute webinar will help you get your digital transformation up and running and includes a customer case study, a panel discussion on current challenges and a short software demo.

    In this webinar, you will learn: 

    • Which procurement challenges pharmaceutical companies are currently facing
    • How integrated supplier management brings transparency and security to the entire supply chain
    • How supplier scorecarding and KPIs have helped Angelini improve supplier performance
    • What steps you can take to drive innovation so that you can become a leader in procurement

    Join Ralf Dillmann of Bearing Point, Alessandro Ciccarelli of Angelini and Francesco Colavita of JAGGAER to see how procurement functions can take responsibility and drive innovation throughout the company. The Angelini Procurement Team worked with other organizational units to optimize processes. Legal, Finance, IT and Operations were involved, among others. Alessandro Ciccarelli can report from this journey and has advice on how to proceed.

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