Autonomous Procurement
Practical Guide to Autonomous Procurement

How to be a Source of Innovation and Value for your Organization

Autonomous procurement, and digital transformation in general, are abstract topics.

It’s hard to wrap your head around them because they seem very futuristic and not tangible.

Autonomous procurement is almost here though, and the journey has to start today, not in five years.

This eBook, A Practical Guide to Autonomous Procurement, is everything you’ll need to start your digital transformation journey, along with tips, advice, and stories to ensure a smooth transition.

You’ll learn:

  • The role of innovation in business
  • How to find a balance in ‘The Golden Triangle’
  • Steps to practically use and implement the technologies that will shape the future
  • How to tackle digital adoption and change management
  • And much more

Comes complete with checklists designed that give you actionable next steps to take today, that set you up for success tomorrow.

Don’t wait – Join 1000+ of your peers on the road to autonomous procurement with this free guide today!

Special thanks to all of our partners who contributed to the making of this guide


Meet the Author

Amenallah Reghimi, VP Product Management

Amen builds bridges between technology and business all over the world. Now, as Vice President of Product Management, he uses that experience to build effective products that help solve market problems and provide massive value to his customers. He is responsible for defining and executing the JAGGAER’s innovation strategy, changing our customers‘ experience, and driving continued transformation across the company. Taking abstract ideas and turning them into reality, resulting in both user satisfaction and metrics growth is Amen’s forte.

His focus on Intelligent Solutions and Innovation has earned him many accolades as a Global Thought Leader, Innovator and Tech Philanthropist. In 2020, Thinkers360 honored him with multiple titles including “No. 1 in COVID-19 Business Impact,” “No. 1 in Open Innovation” and “No. 5 in Procurement.” In 2021, he has been named as recipient of Supply and Demand Chain Executives 2021 Pros to Know Award.

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