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    Eight Procurement Challenges the Manufacturing Sector Will Face in 2024

    Top Checkpoints for Procurement Teams in Manufacturing

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    Procurement is more dynamic than ever. It must turn on a dime to react to changes and developments in local and global supply chains.

    In this checklist, you’ll find ideas on how you can make your purchasing more crisis-proof, resilient, agile and efficient from 2024 onwards.

    Each manufacturing organization will face different challenges, to varying degrees. But the current state of global supply chains, legislation on supply chain due diligence, the transition towards the circular economy, and the battle for talent are issues every organization is facing today.

    Use this checklist as a good starting point to stimulate thoughts and discussions about how to accelerate the transition to fully digitalized procurement: Autonomous Commerce.

    Along with investment in digital technologies, it’s time for a radical strategy change. The emphasis has shifted from driving down costs to managing risk, mitigating disruption and ensuring continuity of supply.

    Download the checklist and let’s start a conversation about how to overcome today’s challenges.

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    Elevate Your Direct Procurement Strategy & Build Supply Chain Resilience

    State of the Supply Side Report

    • Analyzing suppvlier challenges in today’s procurement landscape.
    • Identifying tech-driven solutions for enhanced collaboration.
    • Actionable recommendations for a successful digital transformation.

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    8 Procurement Challenges for Manufacturing

    • Strategies to navigate supply chain disruptions and market volatility.
    • Insights on sustainability, technology, and compliance.
    • Empower your success in the manufacturing sector.

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    The Direct Material Procurement Challenge

    • Unleash efficiency and effectiveness in direct procurement.
    • Boost your value engine into overdrive with the right platform.
    • Experience unparalleled value.

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    10 Steps to the Perfect Digital Process

    • Navigate the digital procurement landscape with the top 10 professional tips.
    • Download the checklist for seamless efficiency in procurement processes.

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    Advanced Sourcing Optimizer (ASO) Infographic

    • Unlock cost-effective sourcing with ASO’s strategic insights.
    • Discover innovative solutions beyond standard discounts.
    • Learn practical strategies to minimize costs amid market uncertainties.

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    JAGGAER Advanced Sourcing Optimizer - Man Touching Digital Display

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