Integrated risk management

The Hackett Group: Integrated Risk Management - a Playbook for Procurement


Playbook for Procurement


Industry-leading analysts The Hackett Group provide exclusive insight into today’s supply risk management programs and their implementations in the business world. Hackett expects broad adoption of formalized supply risk management programs by world-class procurement and supply chain organizations in coming years.

Risk is moving up on the agenda of corporate leadership due to its impact on the bottom line, market valuation and shareholder value. As modern supply chains grow more complex, the historical predominance of reactive risk management is no longer sustainable. While global risks have grabbed most of the headlines, even greater risks may lie much closer to home. In fact, many companies face hazards to their supply chain caused by their own focus on cost reduction in recent years.


Don’t miss the highlights and exclusive conclusions of the report:


  • The principal drivers of and challenges to supply risk management programs
  • A step-by-step process for implementing these programs
  • What the impact could be for your company
  • Useful recommendations for a successful supply risk management approach


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