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Everything You Need to Know About the JAGGAER Supplier Network

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The JAGGAER Supplier Network is where our buyers and suppliers connect. Think of it as a meeting place for business that helps you interact with your existing suppliers, forming deeper relationships, but also helps you discover more vendors to diversify your marketplace.

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With over five million suppliers, you gain access to a wide variety of catalogs and a robust marketplace. Find new opportunities to drive savings and expand your business.

Onboarding & Enablement

Onboarding suppliers from the JAGGAER Supplier Network is simple. Because our Network suppliers already work with JAGGAER customers, the onboarding process is quick and easy. Unlike most marketplaces, JAGGAER charges no fees to our suppliers. So not only do you get a larger selection of suppliers, but you also don’t have any supplier fees being passed on to you through your purchases.

Guided Supplier Setup

With decades of experience, our supplier enablement team has a proven approach to setting up your suppliers. Our team works with you and your suppliers to get them set up and ready to do business, all at no extra cost. The result is faster, more efficient enablement and less wasted time.

The JAGGAER Supplier Network comes with a dedicated team to provide supplier resources as they’re needed, helping to recommend best practices. Whether suppliers need help getting established in the marketplace or navigating their growth, development, and even mergers, we’re here to make the process as easy as possible. With dedicated supplier training, your suppliers are up and running faster, not to mention happier.

Less work for IT

One of the biggest challenges for many organizations trying to expand their supplier base is a bottleneck of IT resources. Without the IT work to implement the supplier, you’re at a standstill. JAGGAER’s approach to suppliers is completely different. Our team takes on the technical implementation work to get suppliers onboarded, keeping the burden off your IT team. Start ramping up suppliers as soon as the contract is signed.

With the JAGGAER Supplier Network, suppliers maintain their own profiles so that you don’t have to update prices, invoicing information and more. Instead, suppliers have a portal where they can complete their own registrations, then maintain their profiles and catalogs. Price sheets, availability and more are updated automatically so that your team always has accurate information at your fingertips.

Unified Supplier Data

Because the JAGGAER Supplier Network integrates deeply with the full JAGGAER ONE platform, your supplier profiles and performance data are available no matter what tasks you’re working on. Easily view profiles, transaction history, and performance and compliance information at any stage of the source to pay cycle.

Communicate more effectively with suppliers via Supplier Management, so you have fewer supplier support calls taking away from strategic efforts. Plus, develop clear supplier development plans to strengthen partnerships and build more strategic relationships. Go beyond simple transactional business relationships and build more robust supplier programs that are backed by clear, convincing data.


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One Place for Communications

Gone are the days of searching through inboxes, handwritten notes from your last conference call, documents on your desktop, or email attachments. The JAGGAER Supplier Network provides a single portal for communications with your suppliers, keeping a clear history of exchanges and removing confusion. Plus, with one log of communications, you’ll no longer have conflicting information or data sources.

The supplier portal also offers the ability to communicate a one-to-many message so that you can convey important information – policy changes or upcoming RFPs, for example – to several suppliers at once. This is much more efficient for many communications, while still keeping conversations neatly organized in the supplier portal.

Plus, minimize the need for suppliers to contact you during the order process. The portal provides an easy place for all parties to see invoice statuses and order details in real time. No more picking up the phone to discuss invoice statuses.

Secure from the Ground Up

Like the rest of JAGGAER ONE, the Supplier Network is built with security at the forefront to make sure your information remains safeguarded. Whether it’s supplier business data, invoice details or communications, every piece of data is kept safe and secure with regular security testing and audits.

These principles extend to supplier integrations and network integrations, too. JAGGAER regularly updates integrations to keep up with evolving technologies and any potential threats before they emerge. Rest assured that your sensitive information is secure on the JAGGAER Supplier Network.

One Network to Empower Your Business

To take your supplier relationships to the next level and form more meaningful relationships, you need a dedicated supplier network and communications portal. Stop spending time chasing down communications, searching through conflicting data points, or following up on invoices. Streamline supplier communications and open your business up to millions of potential new suppliers to expand your marketplace.

If you’re interested in learning more, download our white paper on holistic supplier management.

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